RealmX, an Open World Built on Bitcoin Cash

RealmX is a next-generation product developed by Block Hop. It is the world’s first free to play sandbox game powered by blockchain technology, which currently builds on Bitcoin Cash. The game aims to redefine the relationship between developers and gamers. Within the RealmX game, players will be able to create items, battle monsters, monetize their content, and finally lead main game development as the game progresses.

The game story is set in the stone age where everything is waiting to be created. To evolve the world, players in the game need to find all ways to increase world productivity together. Once the world productivity reaches a certain level, a new world will open.

Instead of using a centralized server, RealmX distinguishes itself from other sandbox games by storing all in-game assets on the blockchain. This means all in-game assets are genuinely owned by players and can be freely traded in a P2P manner.

Diverse Adventures

In the upcoming version, there will be a total of 4 different scenes, 40 unique monsters, and more will be added through future updates. Since the background is in the stone age, adventures and battles become the main activities in the game. To defeat strong enemies, players need to select the proper equipment and skillsets to get bonus stats.

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Lucrative Player Creation

The RealmX team believes that as a sandbox game, player creation should be correctly credited and rewarded as they are what make the game possible and unique. Therefore, in RealmX, every player has chances to create their own recipe for new equipment/weapons. They can decide the design, the ingredients, and the price. Whenever another play is charged to craft the item on the recipe, the owner will receive BCH income.

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On-Chain Crafting

In RealmX, players can get more powerful equipment/weapons to help with their adventures through crafting. Crafting is divided into Regular Crafting and On-Chain Crafting. Their differences are:

Regular Crafting: crafted items are free and are for one-time use only.
On-Chain Crafting: crafted items are charged and can be permanently used.

This design not only makes sure that recipe users are willing to pay for crafting but also drives recipe owners to create more recipes as they will constantly receive BCH as long as people crafting their items.

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Leisure Farming

Whenever a player goes on an adventure, it consumes food. Hence, it is important to ensure that you always have enough food reserves. Farming in the game is quite simple. Sowing seeds in the ground and you can harvest them in a couple of hours. Also, you can breed animals to increase your production, which can be captured during your adventures.

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Fewer Barriers to Entry

The biggest problem with current blockchain games lies in its barriers to entry. Players more or less need to have blockchain knowledge to play the games, which causes difficulty and inconvenience for mainstream gamers to enter. However, with its unique on/off-chain separation game logic and a built-in wallet, RealmX allows gamers to enjoy the game almost without sensing the existence of blockchain. Moreover, the game is totally free. Depositing of BCH is not a must in the game.

RealmX is going through the final testing for its open beta version within the month. More information, including the development platform World of Tinkers, will be released soon.


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