OSINT Challenge MESSI (0xL4ugh)

Muhammad Mater
2 min readApr 13, 2023

Hello This is a challenge in 0xL4ugh CTF

Challenge info :

I’m Messi I like to score goals. Ronaldo leaked my credentials, and my uncle BIN’s have been leaked too.

My Email: Messi2006@proton.com

How to solve :

You will see here I told you his email was leaked

first thing

if someone told you your email has been leaked you must search in an email search engine or leak search engine

E-mail Search / Leaks Check

if we search in all these platforms we will get nothing

Example :

Try Another Email search engine and data archive

Okay !!

There is no Leaks for Messi2006@proton.com

Let’s try To check if an email is attached to an account on platforms (Facebook. Twitter,Reddit)

This process you can do it by Holehe


checks if an email is attached to an account on sites like Twitter, instagram, imgur and more than 120 others.

Installation :

git clone <https://github.com/megadose/holehe.git>
cd holehe/
python3 setup.py install

Run Now

holehe Messi2006@proton.com

okay Email is not Registered in any platform

Okay let’s Get info about the Email And check valid email or not

I suggest to use hunter.io

okay it’s not valid email and tricky

so we can’t find it in any leak

what you think where i can found it ?

back to descreption of chalenges

my uncle BIN’s

thinking time

BIN + LEAK do you think what i think ?

let’s go to PASTEBIN





Muhammad Mater

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