Leadership Has 3 Personalities

By: Matt Crane

Leadership can be defined in many different ways. For some leaders are great speakers, while for others, leaders are more of a doer than a talker. When you think of leaders, the President of the United States, CEO’s, Religious Leaders, and Politicians are what most people say when asked to describe the term leaders. For me, I though the same thing until I started to run my own business and became defined as an entrepreneur. That is when I started to truly understand the layers of leadership and how different they really are. What’s funny and interesting at the same time, is that anyone can be a leader and showcase leadership qualities at some aspect during their life. This article is intended to break down my viewpoint of the three personalities that I think leadership represent, The Technician, The Manager, and The Entrepreneur.

-Entrepreneurial work includes creating the vision for the business, establishing policies, setting the “rules of the road” for the business, and developing strategies that shape the business (e.g. the overall strategy, organizational strategy, marketing strategy, financial strategy, product strategy, positioning strategy and the systems development strategy).

-Managerial work is the work of facilitating and optimizing the work of others. It’s “indirect” work, and it includes work such as systems development, planning, organizing, supervising, mentoring and training, setting goals and standards, budgeting–any kind of work that directs, regulates, and monitors the work of others and develops and installs systems that are operated by others.

-Technical work is the actual, hands-on, “direct” work of producing and delivering your company’s products and services or doing the administrative and support work of your business. So whether that’s creating the proposal for the new client, doing the bookkeeping, fixing the machines, paying the bills, collecting the receivables, writing the advertising copy, handling customer complaints–doing the work and operating the systems of the business is technical work.

Entrepreneurs are the ones who do the work that shape the businesses and are considered the visionaries and dreamers. Technicians are the ones who do the work and are considered “hands on”, while Managers are the ones that are required and expected to be the bridge between the Entrepreneurs and Technicians. To put it more simply Entrepreneurs wake up with a vision, Managers are the ones who scream “Oh No” and the Technician is the one who seizes the opportunity to go into to business for themselves while the Manger and Entrepreneur work out their issues.

About The Author: Matt Crane is a writer and business coach for SuccessFastlane.com. He is a highly sought after marketing strategist and trainer. He has delivered numerous Motivational Speeches to businesses, groups, organizations, and entities alike. Matt believes the three most important I’s in life and in business are Intensity, Integrity, and Insomnia and can be seen delivering messages about these online via Periscope, Meerkat, Instagram, and Twitter @mattcrane10x as well on Facebook and LinkedIn @matthewcrane. For information on booking Matt Crane to speak at your next event or about his business services email info@robertmatthewcrane.com and online at www.robertmatthewcrane.com