Stop thinking your good is still good enough!

STOP. JUST STOP. You can no longer think that your good is good enough any longer. One of the most overused phrases I hear today is “Good Job”. Does anyone truly think that in today’s world, marketplace, or economy that “Good” is acceptable? When you turn in your work at the end of a day, is it good work? When clock out or leave your job at the end of the day did you put in a good day’s work? The majority of us, including me, would say yes to the very questions. What we would not do is challenge ourselves to ask why we wouldn’t want to change the word good to great. What I find more than ever in today’s fast-paced, and saturated market is that too many people are satisfied with being good at what they do and not enough of us are striving to be great. We would rather blend in and get along than to stand out and dominate in our respective fields.

You have to think different in order to act different and this will lead you to begin experiencing and reaping different benefits in your life, business, or job. I no longer just want to be a good father, a good husband, a good entrepreneur, a good person, or even a good member of my community. I want to GREAT at all of these things. You should want the same and these five things have helped me step outside of good and start working towards the greatness that I know lies inside of me and ultimately the greatness I know lies inside each and every one of you as well.

  1. Get Challenged: The most successful people, those who we all deem great are those who were challenged at some time in their life. They were willing to step outside of their comfort zone and challenge their own beliefs, what they were doing, and why they were doing it. They also were willing to challenge those around them to the very same thing and, while unpopular, it was necessary for their overall growth.
  2. Question Your Inner Circle: Their is a famous quote that says “You are the sum of those your surround yourself with” and while I agree with that in theory, I believe you are the sum of those you are closest to. Excluding your family, we all “Inner Circles” or those we rely on for advice, guidance, and acceptance from. Is your inner circle pushing you towards greatness or complementing you on being good. Sometimes its the ones closes to us that can hold us back the most.
  3. Skill Up: No great person ever got their by listening to, playing with, or learning from others who were good. They go there because they skilled up and learned from those who were great. Sports was my outlet and drive at a young age and I NEVER played with those of my same age or skill set. I ALWAYS played with older, faster, stronger, and better people which ultimately led me to being able to elevate my level of play far greater than those in my same age brackets. It made me unpopular at times, I was labeled cocky, arrogant, and “too good” for my peers; however, it was necessary for me to endure in order to achieve what I wanted to achieve in my sports career.
  4. Take No Prisoners: You have to take the governor off and move at a speed that takes no prisoners; and, in some cases, leaves some people behind. We are so focused on not leaving people behind that it can alter our on forward movement. Please understand here that I am not saying don’t help people., but there are some who are only wanting to rely on you and not help themselves and for those people you need to “take no prisoners” and leave them behind.
  5. Never Apologize: It’s human nature to apologize for everything. It’s a natural defense mechanism that people use to defuse a situation, look to make a moment less awkward, and to deflect guilt. The best of the best don’t apologize for their wealth, their lifestyle, or their current state of being. They also don’t apologize for their achievements. We are all guilty of getting picked to do something over someone else, offered a job others applied for, and catch a break that may belonged to another person and what do we do when this happens? When you commit to being great you should NEVER apologize for great things that happen in your life.

You are the ultimate stakeholder in your life and these things will not be easy to do at first. They will force you to commit to an entirely different way of thinking, way of behaving, and could cause some people in your life to fall off to the wayside; however, if you are willing to work through those uncomfortable moments, push through those lonely times, and create value-driven activities you will stop thinking good and start living great.

About Matt Crane: Matt is a Millennial Power Player, Public Speaker, and host of the “Power of Great” show on Periscope, Blab, and soon to launch on ITunes and Stitcher. Matt believes your personality will lead you to conversations you want while your character will keep you in conversations you need. Matt has been in Corporate Sales and Business Development for the better part of 12 years and he brings a unique skill set to connect people to their PURPOSE and help them drive their business to their WHY. Make sure you follow Matt on ALL social media platforms @iammattcrane and by visiting his website For info on how to book Matt to speak email