An Advertising Film Concept For An Online Pharmacy

There are two prominent themes, one is connecting doctors to entire medical ecosystem, including the patients and the genuineness of the products being sold.

Logline: A doctor comes to help of his patient by using SS app, when his patients are unable to procure the medicine through traditional retail.
Title: Doctors trust their patients with SS.

• Show doctor and patient connect.
• Show doctor’s trust on SS, the trust in the medicine field works top down. If the doctor trusts SS, then patients are bound to follow it.
• Show human empathy in the relationship of patients and doctors. Currently the medical profession is much maligned with usually seen as money fleecing machine. Rebuild the old school thought that “Doctor is an avatar of God”.
• Show transient times where how internet and technology is getting into every day medical care.


Act 1:
A young father is lying in the hospital bed surrounded by his wife and teenage daughter, the doctor is examining his charts along with the nurse and then writes down a prescription and hands it over to the patient’s wife and asks her to get them.
The teenage daughter with tears in her eyes, takes away the prescription, looks at her mother and gives her a nod, meaning she would go and get it.
Her mother looks proudly at her and hands over her money.

Act 2:
The girl goes to the first shop, shows the prescription to the pharmacist and he reads it, responds by saying that this needs to be called from the nearest metro.
The girl frantically goes to the second nearest shop with a lot of anxiety and repeats the process, this time she is told that this is a expensive medicine and they do not keep it.
Now the girl is really nervous, she goes to the third shop and she is being asked to fork out 30% extra for the medicine since it sells less, so they sell it on premium.
The teenage girl is distraught since she does not have that kind of money. She looks broken, as if having lost faith in the humanity.

Act 3:
The doctor has come to enquire about the medicine availability and there enters the teenage girl, broken with tears in her eyes.
Doctor sees her and he senses what would have gone wrong. He immediately reaches to his shirt pocket, flips out his phone and goes to SS app and books the medicine for the patient. He takes the young girl’s hand in his and keeps his other hand on her shoulder in a reassuring way. The girl looks comforted.

Act 4:
SS delivery girl is now seen riding and navigating through the streets wearing her uniform which provides ample brand visibility.
She reaches the hospital bed of the patient and delivers the medicine in the hands of the teenage girl who looks at her with awe and admiration, smiles and says “Thank You” silently.

Epilogue: This act enables us to showcase the best of the human emotions under difficult circumstances, focus on being the girl child, which would connect with all kinds of audience. It also enables ample branding opportunity within the act and finally reinforcing the patient’s belief in doctor.