Ban laptops in the classroom?

The study below outlined in the link from Scientific American says that it is detrimental to use, laptops in the classroom.

What it should have said that using internet in any form in the classroom is detrimental. After all, the same study shows that, in a 100 minutes class, the sample group used their cellphones to text and chat for for almost half hour, along with using internet on laptop for various other purposes, except studying.

This is a phenomena, which is evident at most of the places around us, if not ubiquitous, internet has us in its vice like grip, and be it in our schools or colleges or work-place and home, we are suffering because of our over-indulgence in it.

The true thing would be to ban internet use in classroom or may be filtered internet, sans social media, video and chat. Also, to remove the distraction of mobile phones. But the way mobile phones have cornered our lives, it is much easier to say, or rather fancy to say, then actually do away from student’s mobile phones in the class.

While the study has focused only on one side of the coin, the performance of the students getting impacted due to their tramping with internet in the classroom, the teachers and professors are equally, if not more impacted by this, because their performance suffers and impacts their careers gravely.

Learning or for that matter, any activity requires our full and undivided attention and internet is defrauding us of it, and thus with our basic rights of education and happiness to life, thereof.

Laptops sans internet are a complimentary tool to education indeed, especially in STEM.

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