Hello Abhishek,
Florian Laurent

Hello Florian,

Pricing to me, seems on steep side for the website creation. If we look at the competition, we have weebly and strikingly kind of people, which are essentially free.

Instead of custom building websites for customers, why dont you use the free websites builders and offer the maintenance, apart from domain and hosting at $50/month.

In your current sales pitch, there is no hook. What lures them in? Currently, nothing!

World has been spoilt since long, it always requires a bait.

The upside to this is, then you can extend this service to not only vets, but other allied professionals also.

Get a professional website for your vet clinic, SEO ready at only $50/month*
Domain and hosting charges as applicable.

Why dont you try this as A/B testing?

I can help you with exact pitch and other customer queries…

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