Trump would not have been selected if the filter bubble warning of Mr.Eli Pariser was not ignored.

image courtesy: Mr. Manuel Barroso — Creative Commons

Article — Eli Pariser: activist whose filter bubble warnings presaged Trump and Brexit — The Guardian

Article Published On: 8th January 2017 by Mr.Jasper Jackson

This is an excellent article describing perhaps the most important malaise currently plaguing humanity as a whole.

Since, the evolutionary process came into being and early humans started settling and forming colonies, human have been settling with their own near and dear ones. Rather it can be called as they have been settling with those who share their belief and thoughts.

The online life mimicks the so called real life, but may be in a slightly shallow manner. So even in open social network like Twitter, where anyone can virtually interact with anyone, the social interactions do not happen with contrarians. It is very easy to imagine this on Facebook, because it is a walled garden.

Now the effect is more so greatly amplified due to the algorithms of the social networks in their race to make money for their investors. It is kind of a double whammy.

At first, since one has friends with shared beliefs and thoughts, no contradictory news can come through them and if there is one way, some news might would have got filtered, the algorithms of the social networks make sure that, one receive the news as per their taste, which again is derived mainly by their current stream, which is influenced mostly by what their friends are sharing, and which is ultimately guided by the shared beliefs of the two friends.

This is such a mind numbing scenario.

So we are seeing and reading, what we want to read and believe and not what we should.

Doomsday is near, very near !

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