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Yes, feminism is man-hating and nothing else in the western world.

As for patriarchy, that term is actually well defined. It refers to a society in which there are laws that give preferential treatment to men, inheritance is only given to male offspring or next male relative and in divorce cases, the father would get all parental rights.

We don’t have anything of that in the western world, quite contrary we have even special laws against men and I think i don’t have to link to numbers of divorce cases to show who gets preferential treatment in parental right, or do I?

Feminism just brands everything that is masculine and male as “toxic” and damaging and totally fails to see what that brings.

Anonym made a good point with “Women create the misogyny they wanted to prevent”. I can only tell you that that is absolutely true. I’m not a misogynist but I do know the difference between a movement of equality and a movement that just wants to grab power for preferential treatment.

Feminist want to be the “weaker sex” with all its priviliges and equal whenever that stands in the way. And now you want to cherrypick when you want to have what.

If feminism was truly a movement for equality it would for instance rally for male rights as well, really that the laws change so also women get drafted as soldiers for instance, that we don’t believe every rape allegation before investigation as it is with #metoo and so on. But they don’t, so we should start to call the movement what it is, man-hating!

Maybe then some women who just follow blindly the “equality” strawmen will then start to think and speak up.

And then we may even find a real basis for a future together as equals.

But right now, nobody is really thinking feminism stands for equality. Just take your friends to 1:1 and really ask them what they think. If you are not living in a filter bubble you will see a lot admit they think very differently about feminism.
Right now nobody can say it in public (which is why somebody has to post about this as “Anonym”), but that will change and when it does you will see how many people are really thinking that feminism is a movement for equality!

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