TRAKX.IO project or bounty campaign

Trakx is proud to announce one of the most innovative, exciting & easiest opportunity to earn free tokens. Our Airdrop will be conducted through a contest system allowing you to participate interactively and earn entries for every task that you successfully complete as part of the program.

Once you signup you’ll be assigned your own personal referral link. This handy link is your ticket to inviting friends to join and earn even more entries.

How does it work?

Every entry that you earn in this contest is equivalent to a stake in the specific bounty contest pool of tokens! The final amount of tokens will be determined based on the success of our public crowdsale, with more details available in the terms and conditions.

What are asset-backed tokens?

Asset-backed tokens, a growing class of tokens, are by definition worth exactly what they are backed by. For instance, a representative token that corresponds to a real-world asset such as a unit of fiat currency, a security or even gold, will be valued at a 1:1 ratio. They are assets represented as tokens to be transferred and traded trustfully on a blockchain. Although tokens, most of the asset-backed tokens are classified as securities throughout the globe. More obvious is the tokenization of real estate, art, derivatives markets, attention, and other non-fungible assets that are currently festering in illiquid markets that are ripe with middlemen who assume counterparty risk. With $256 trillion of real-world assets in the world, the opportunity for asset-backed tokens is truly massive, especially with regards to asset classes like real estate and fine art that have historically suffered from limited commerce and liquidity.

Asset-backed tokens also offer an alternative to traditional cryptocurrencies (e.g. stablecoins), as well as traditional crypto investing (e.g. crypto-trackers, coin traded indices). Various kind of asset-backed tokens have emerged these past months, and we aim to provide with a short overview of these.