Get your audience ADDICTED to you

Whether you’re an Instagram influencer, business owner, or YouTube personality, there’s one pain-point you can hit on for consistent viewership, sales, and influence over your audience.

That pain-point?


Millennials (including myself) have grown up during an explosion of culture.

The strange interweb has given us almost unlimited access to the lives of others.

We’re constantly getting a sneak peek into the lives of the rich and famous,

Looking at people’s travel pictures on Instagram,

And being force-fed pictures of cute couples while we’re sticking our hand into a bag of chips.

All of this gives us the idea that there’s SO MUCH to do (and there is) and we’re missing out on it.

How can we tap into this FOMO?

Let’s say you’re a IG Fitness guy. You can inspire the FOMO into your audience by taking a picture of yourself in a pool in a tropical location surrounded by beautiful dames.

Or if you’re a real estate agent, show highlights of one of your listings and describe something “luxury” that could be done in the space.

Last one:

If you’re a traveller, (this should be easy) take a photo of yourself in a beautiful place, then plug your travel budgeting tips in your description.

When you start to tap into the power of FOMO, and all the other negative emotions that come with it, your brand or business will become 10x more influential.

Every post,


And picture

All of them can (and should) be orchestrated in a way that cleverly taps into this pocket-emptying emotion using different angles, hooks, and strategies.