What I’ve Learned About Learning

After learning about hypnosis for only six hours, I induced my first subject into a hypnotic state.

Everything wasn’t perfect, but I did something that takes some people months to accomplish after only SIX HOURS of learning.

Here’s what I learned about learning to get results faster.

1. Practicality Over Theory

When people are first learning a skill, they want to learn the fundamentals.

This is good, but the problem is that learning fundamentals means learning lots of theory.

Then you fall deeper and deeper into the theory hole and eventually become confused.

What you should do

I’m not saying don’t learn the fundamentals, but learn how to actually do the skill you’re trying to learn first.

Read a maximum of two books that are very practical. That teach you how to do the skills, with a little bit of the fundamentals thrown in, of course.

How do you find these books?

Experts in their fields love sharing their recommended reading lists, so find an expert and dig through their reading lists.

When you find a book that looks good, go to Amazon and look through the reviews and look for people talking about practicality or the results they got from reading the book.

2. Learn By Watching An Expert

These days, it’s very easy to watch an expert do something because they post their work all over YouTube.

When you watch an expert you pick up on little things that he or she does that make the skill work.

Watching them cal also give you an idea of the best way to do things.

Stick with watching one or two experts so you don’t flood yourself with information, as different experts may have different ways of doing things.

3. Get Your Questions Answered

When you’re reading your book or watching your expert, you’re bound to have questions.

Questions are encouraged, the more curious you are, the more you’ll learn.

So ask those questions to Google, that’s what it’s there for.

99.9% of your questions can be answered with a simple Google search.

4. BreakThe Skill Down Into Simple Steps

This is something I’ve always been good at doing, and you should get good at it too.

When you’re learning, authors/experts will put things into complex terms.

When talking about how your skill works they may go deep into detail that doesn’t have to be there.

To make it easier on yourself, list how the skill works in 3–5 simple steps.

For example for hypnosis mine was

  1. Prepare the mind
  2. Lead
  3. Induct
  4. Deepen the state

I had four simple steps that showed how and why the skill works and this made it so much easier.

When I wanted more information, I knew what step I wanted to learn more about, what step I needed to work on.

5. Do it

This is simple, do your skill as fast as possible.

You can’t spend too much time looking up info or thinking about doing it.

When you’re first learning, have this mindset:

“What is the least amount of information that I can learn and still have the ability to execute my skill.”

Once you execute, you can look up all the extra theories and fundamentals you want.

Once you successfully act, you’ll be addicted to action, as opposed to before when you can get addicted to information.


This is what has allowed me to successfully learn hypnotism and I’m positive that it applies to other skills.

It’s critical that you don’t overthink before you’ve actually executed.

With these tips, you’ll be learning skills faster than ever.