For Elizabeth Who Wants to Fall In Love

Dearest Elizabeth,

You tell us to wait, to hold on, to trust, for love will come.

Here’s what I want to tell you:

Wait not. For when you do, it brings frustration. Waiting is for the last bus home. It is for loading your browser while you are doing an important research or lesson plan or assignment. It is for the third installment of the Before trilogy. It is for the 15th and 30th of every month. It is for the long queue at a coffee shop. Waiting kills your patience. And keep your patience for you will need a great reserve.

In love we do not wait; we anticipate. When you see a cute guy, do not wait for him to say hello. Step on his foot and say sorry. If he smiles, show him how good of a conversationist you are. If he ignores you, he is not worth your time. Always know that an object does not move if force is not applied. The strength of your belief in love will move you closer to it.

Do not hold on. Breakup with Tom Hansen. Breakup with Jesse. Breakup with all the ideal guy you’ve been holding on to. When you do, you’ll find real moments are more cinematic than their counterpart in films. If you need to hold on, it would be to yourself.

Tell yourself, you are loved by the only person who needs to love you.Hold on to this until someone is willing to hold it with you.

And lastly, do not trust. I mean, do not trust what I have been rambling about because I have not put these to test.

With anticipation, letting go and vulnerability,


***Elizabeth is a friend who always post about wanting to fall in love.