Who killed Jason Blossom?

This is a desperate attempt to relieve the withdrawal symptoms that Riverdale’s season break has plagued us. Now that we have come to terms with how CW twisted our beloved Archie characters (or have we?), it’s time to face the real drama here. Who killed Jason Blossom?

We have fallen deep into nostalgia marketing and religiously followed Riverdale despite the series not having any resemblance to the comics we have read (well aside from the setting and characters). Riverdale is now a dreary Stephen King town. Archie is a character off of Glee. Jughead is Holden Caulfied. Betty is a cross between Nancy Drew and Veronica Mars. And everyone else is sexually and racially diverse doubles. We have tons of issues against this re-imagining but these did not stop us from following the series mainly because of the question raised on the first episode. We all want to solve the murder of Jason Blossom. Who has the motive? Who has the guts? Or who has neither of both?

Suspect №1: Cherry Blossom

The writers have been tricking us from hating and caring about Cherry Blossom. She was with her brother the initial date of his death. She mentioned in her eulogy that people liked Jason more than her. In another context, this is admitting that she is jealous of his brother. Proximity, check. Motive, check.

Suspect №2: Betty Cooper

There are occasions on the show when Betty was showed capable of crazily going out of control with her anger. In the episode where B and V avenged the girls who were slut-shamed by the football team, Betty went too far as almost drowning Chuck. Jason dated Polly. Polly was sent away because of that. And Betty loves her sister Polly so much. For all we know, Betty is doing the investigation to push everyone off the track that will lead to her being the murderer.

Suspect №3: Archie Andrews

Archie wants to please his father by becoming the captain of the football team. And what better way to vacate the position by offing the captain? He displayed inconsistency with his decisions even bedding the music teacher (let’s not refer to her as Ms. Grundy because she is not her), out-rightly breaking Betty’s heart when she confessed her love to him and lying to the sheriff about who he’s with when he heard the gunshot which probably killed Jason. Plus, he is the most loved character on the show, maybe the writers want some GRR Martin level of shock.

Suspect №4: Veronica Lodge

The writers do not point to her as the murderer, which in the viewers eyes count her as one of the possible suspects. We don’t know how this will happen yet, but in CW universe, this is bound to happen.

Suspect №5: Jason Blossom

The death of Jason Blossom can possibly be a suicide. This guy had too much shit going out of his hand to control. His girlfriend is pregnant. His parents are against his girlfriend’s pregnancy because their families have long history of blood-feud. He was selling drugs. Not to mention that his twin sister is evil. And his plan was to get away from it all.

Did we even imagine Riverdale going as dark as this? I did not, but I’m surprisingly and honestly liking it.

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