The Monster in the Garden

Prince Aki
Jun 16 · 1 min read

I want to know.

or maybe ‘know’ isn’t the right word.

I want to feel.

that’s it.

‘knowing’ is what doomed Adam & Eve to death.

I don’t need to know in order to feel.

sometimes answers just lead to more questions.

and questions lead you to some truths that are too massive to be an ‘answer’.

as I am reading this new Haruki Murakami novel, Killing Commendatore, and feeling how his character is exploring his psyche, the fabric of ‘reality’, it nudges the beast within me to do the same with my music.

to use my musical ability to explore my psyche, my wounds, to move with gentle force into the underworld.

here I am in Tokyo, gathering up all I need to before I return.

what land will I return to?

how far will these songs take me?

what will I become?

the land where my ghosts are buried.

to the deepest depths, the highest mountains.

the monster in the garden.

Prince Aki

Written by

Independent Hip-Hop Artist.

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