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What is the Parallel Profits System all about?

Product: Parallel Profits
Authors: Aidan Booth And Steve Clayton
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How To Start A Business Online?

“There’s only one president for you, the client, who can simply kick out the company employees if he spends his money elsewhere. Sam Walton, Wal-Mart’s founder,

Establishing a small online Business requires a lot of hard work and written plans for your reference to evaluate the progress of the project in its various stages. Do not expect easy or simple to get a successful job online, anyone can work online Business but not all of them will get a successful and continuous work online.

To start an online Business you have to follow the following steps as I see it:

❂ Identify what you want to sell or offer to the public and what distinguishes you from others

❂ You should have a clear idea of ​​what you want to tell the public and why they will buy from you and what distinguishes your product or service from others. Do not expect people to think like you are about the product or service you want to offer. Do a survey or search for the public’s need for this product or service and why they buy it and you.

You have several options to start a project by:

❂ Providing a whole new service, product or idea

❂ If the audience needs your product or service, make sure that its success rate will be high.

❂ Resell a service or product to companies already offering

❂ An example of this is an e-shop to resell retail products by contracting with supplier companies to display their products on the site

❂ Developing or providing an existing service or product in a different way

❂ Example of providing SMS service over the Internet in a different way. The telecom companies provide SMS service and you re-provide this service and develop the control panel site by adding features and characteristics not found in the original service, resulting in the development and delivery of the service differently.

Type the following notes with a paper:

❂ Specify how, when and to whom your product or service will be offered

For example, when you start a project, try targeting a specific area such as the Saudi, Kuwaiti or Egyptian market and specify the type of target customers. Do not say, for example, my clients are women, Because if you said this, you will target a large segment of customers, which drains the marketing budget, but accurately determine your customers, for example, women between the ages of 18–35 years of workers and so the allocation and determine the type of customer accurately helps greatly in the success of marketing plans. And determine how to market your product whether through a website or mobile application or a page in social networking accounts or a mixture of all this depending on your budget and marketing plans approved.

❂ full time

❂ The project manager should be fully subdivided into a legitimate management and do not rely on the establishment of a project which is an employee or other worker, causing mismanagement affecting the project’s chances of success. In case of part-time, a project manager who is familiar with the requirements of the project must be appointed.

❂ Determine the establishment period of the project does not expect during this period to achieve any profits

❂ Do not wait from today to achieve your project profits you can spend it how you like. Any project that needs a period of incubation and establishment may not find any profits or revenues are sufficient because people are not aware or aware of what it provides and needs a period according to a marketing plan to identify good people.

❂ Select an appropriate budget that meets the full project requirements during the foundation period

❂ Many projects fail because of inadequate project budget to ensure its success. One of the common mistakes in calculating the project budget is not to calculate a fixed monthly salary for the owner of the project project manager himself from within the budget, causing him confusion in the monthly bills and make it withdrawn from the balance of the project, causing a shortfall in other areas important. It is very important that all expenses are clear and we do not use the word “unimportant to act two dimensions”.

❂ Identify your project partners and choose the mighty

❂ When you start a project on the Internet you are sure you will need a website, marketing services, products, services and succession and you should carefully choose these partners accurately and choose the most experience, which reflects on the performance of your website positively. For example, when you choose a particular product to sell online you directly choose the agent of the product and deal with it or choose an authorized distributor or choose a place close to you to offer this product. Here the difference in profits is availability, reputation and other factors that are reflected on the performance of your site. The more your service partners are professional and professional, the more you will be reflected in your performance and the level of services or products you offer, always choose your strengths.

❂ Write a marketing plan for your ambition and process

❂ Marketing plan is what makes you shorten a lot of time to succeed your project and move quickly from one stage to another. The project on the Internet needs to use several channels in marketing, the most important of which are:

⋆ search engine marketing seo
⋆ Marketing campaigns by email
⋆ Marketing in social networking sites
⋆ Paid Ads Online