An Ideal Groom to a Russian Bride

In order to start a successful relationship with a Russian lad y you need to understand what she expects of her suitor or potential groom.

I will try to give you a short overview of the most common things Russian (Ukrainian or Belarusian) women expect from a potential suitor or a boyfriend.

1. Looks

Unlike Mediterranean or Latin girls, Russian girls don’t expect much physical beauty from a boyfriend. He doesn’t need to be extraordinarily handsome — an ordinary man has an equal chance to attract her.

Height does matter, though. Unfortunately for many of us, most ladies prefer a man who is taller than her. This may pose a degree of difficulties for compact men.

Considering the acute shortage of energetic and successful men, your modest height will be forgiven if you are successful and active enough.

Anyway, you should have a minimum of grooming: clean shave, a haircut, your nails clean and cut.

Never underestimate women’s attention to detail.

2. Sense of style

Russians like to dress up. Nice and fashionable clothes and footwear are very popular here. The obsession with clothes and shoes, however, is not as big as in Italy or South American countries, where it is turned into a cult.

Successful Russian men keep themselves well-dressed, though; they don’t wear crumpled oversized rags mistakenly called clothes in some countries.

In the streets of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus you will see a lot of well-dressed men wearing nice suits, ties and good Italian shoes.

A Russian lady often judges a man’s success by his appearance assessing the brands of his watch, shoes and clothes.

You need to take this into your consideration when you start dating your Russian girlfriend.

3. Code of conduct

Pay attention to an important detail — in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, a reputable man usually doesn’t smile. The habit of smiling isn’t part of everyday culture here. What might seem a gloomy face does not signify negative attitude or dislike at all. It is just a matter of local custom. During conversations with strangers Russians would rather keep their serious faces on, saving their smiles for relatives and close friends. You would be surprised by their warmth and readiness to please you when your new Russian friends and relatives accept you into their inner circle.

So don’t try to smile a lot at every opportunity when you converse with your Russian bride or her friends and relatives.

Russian women expect confident behavior from their men. A true man (in Russian sense) must not whine, weep or complain about his problems. As life in Russia is not too comfortable and is tough to an extent, a real man (in Russian woman’s perception) knows how to solve problems. He also knows how to do house repair works independently, and can defend himself and his loved ones from dangers.

It is not recommended to complain much while talking to you Russian girlfriend.

The real man always keeps everything under control.

Be polite with you Russian lady; during the initial stage of acquaintance stick to formal style of communication. For instance, there are two forms of the word ‘you’ in the Russian language, one is for addressing a stranger formally, the other is used as less formal and cordial form of ‘you’ when talking to people you know well.

Don’t press your future girlfriend by fast transition to informal style of communication. It is hardly acceptable here.

4. Character

Living in Russia is not for the faint-hearted. Local women appreciate the presence of strong character in a man.

The real man is roughish, has rugged looks, and he never looks feminine. No clue of homosexuality, they don’t appreciate it in Russia. Emotional fluctuations, tears in a man are not considered sexy in Russia.

The most important quality women here value is reliability.

Get to the point and keep promises — this is what the code of behavior for a real man looks like. This is what women like.

5. Age

Of course, as in any other country, women in Russia (Ukraine, Belarus) prefer a partner of the same age. However, because of the acute shortage of successful and responsible men (as Russian women claim), they are ready to accept an older man.

Actually, it means that the situation when a man is 7–10 years older than a woman is perfectly normal.

In the streets of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, you may see many pairs whose age difference is 12–15 years. Problems begin when the age difference is 18–20 years and more.

6. Social standing

Russian ladies like successful men, the social standing (status) is important. A business owner or a department manager would get more respect from a girl than a taxi driver or a mechanic.

The thing is that successful social status can guarantee a protected life. Money doesn’t mean just extra comfort and enjoyment — here, it means protection from bad medical system, bad public transportation, bad food, and bad living conditions. So money and, accordingly, a status are important.

7. Money

When your groom has money, it is a pleasant thing — but not the most important one.

If you treat a Russian lady right and she likes you, you will be interesting for her even without money. Money is running third, or even fourth in the list of Russian woman’s expectations from her future husband.

By saying this I mean a normal and ordinary Russian bride. There is a different category of gold-digging women that I don’t even want to mention here — to me, it is nothing but disguised prostitution.

8. How to treat a lady

This is a very important factor. Be caring, call her frequently, and ask her how she is doing. Show sincere interest in her. This is the way a real man behaves in a Russian lady’s view.

Living in Russia is rather uncomfortable — it is full of small and big problems. Willingness to help with solving these problems is a sign of sincere interest in a woman from a man. It is not enough just to give money to your girlfriend or wife. You have to help her with real actions.

Russian women like flowers and little presents. This is a sign of courtesy. Don’t present an expensive gift if your relationship is not too close. This can make a lady feel uncomfortable, because it is acceptable only with a kept mistress.

In Russia (Ukraine, Belarus) there is no equality of the sexes, it is an implicit social attitude. It is acceptable to pay for a girl in cinema, in restaurant and in clubs. All expenses are usually covered by a man.

Don’t forget to help her in and out of a car, a bus, a building and on the stairs — it is the sign of good manners.

9.Family responsibilities

A Russian lady expects that her husband takes care of the bills, and pays the major part of family expenses. She does not expect that he helps a lot with house chores except carrying heavy stuff.

A potential husband may spend a substantial part of his free time after work on his hobbies and friends. Russian men rarely help with child rearing.

Michael Smilovich