The meaning of life (family, friends, colleagues — Support)

Last week I wrote a blog post about my experience while applying for Remote Year (as well as eventually accepting :’D), but something I didn’t write really write about was the support I got when announcing it. Although I felt like the announcement was a touch premature because I didn’t (and still don’t) know where and which month that I’m departing on. So, I’d like to take the chance at doing just that.

How do I begin… Telling my parents: unnerving, daunting, intimidating. I could not have been more terrified to tell them. Although I they’ve always supported my decisions, I was still both anxious and apprehensive about telling them.

When I had finally told both my mum and my dad (separately), they were both super supportive, the reassurance I felt when they both told me to do it, with 100% of their backing was simply unbelievable. Suddenly this trip didn’t seem anywhere near as difficult. I can’t put into words how much more I love my parents after that. Mum and Dad, without knowing how to put this into words other than: thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Announcing on social media, although I felt like this could be a mistake in case I didn’t end up going (which after announcing it, there is not even a remote chance of me not going). Friends, family, and colleagues were all enthusiastic and supportive, with many tips and positive words from everyone that reached out. To all those people, I thank you, without the positive push from all of you, I don’t think this (despite just starting) journey would be possible.

Thank you!

Love ❤️,


PS: Thank you again for all those tips — I still have to figure what kind of bag to carry the remnants of my belongings (the one’s that don’t get thrown out of course 🤔 😂 ).

PPS: I am looking for a remote role for anyone that’s interested! Unfortunately my current role isn’t able to be done remotely at this stage.

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