Feels like digital nomadism is the formula for true adult

Why? Let’s see..

Do we know how to become true adults? Seems we still don’t know why, what does it mean etc.
Once we understand that we might feel it’s too late: we have family, kids, loans etc.

So for those 18 year olders. Somehow (here we lack another formula for now) they will understand that in order to live happy and fulfilled life first of all they have to get mature. That does NOT mean smoking, drinking, drugs, random sex, fancy car and suit. That was XX century. Now being mature or true adult means:
 — self-sustainability (relying minimally on anyone or anything, never blame) (that does NOT mean antisocial!)
 — working on publicly beneficial projects (regardless if it is monetized or not)
 — being an artist / maker — which is an intention to make your life art, whatever you do, always; create rather than consume
 — being open-minded, curious, adaptable, creative and sexy
 — being healthy and full of energy, in natural way.

Looks cool? So, how to achieve that.

I believe the first two vital componets are:
 — struggle and challenges: 18 y.o. seems safe time to start, but the earlier the better
 — comprehending art vs craft: so far don’t know HOW. I was so lucky to have a mentor, so I’d recommend pursuing this approach.

So how to struggle? Just start travelling and surviving via something like hitchhiking, couchsurfing, helpx etc. Do a world trip. If during that trip you manage to work on some online projects, here you go — you are digital nomad now. If not, that’s fine, you can focus on making, classical art, permaculture, off-the-grid living, volunteering, alternative economy … lots of awesome stuff is going on right now!

Do it as long as you feel essential.

That’s it for now.

Oh, p.s. if you need some motivation, check out my Chrome extension with quotes of the guy who shares very similar vision, creates incredibly useful products for nomads and makes $XXXXXK/mo.