How I stopped being chicken and started to make shitz

…my previous post from 2007 was kinda serious lol. So ..
Here we go.

Heya ppl. How’s it goin’
Welcome to my gonzo blog. 
Yea, gonzo, you heard it. Meaning my own blog where I write my shitz and my opinion about shitz. Gonzo blog.

I was born then did lots of mistakes and contradiction and now here I am.
(This was short bio)

So why I am writing this? Because it’s time, finally. I did some shitty blogs in the past, also some porno blogs and even LinkedIn. All that was boring. Except porno lol. 
Now it’s time to write serious shit. I’m 33, big boy. 
And I’m not gonna bullshit you.


I did some experiments in the past, nothing serious, was just searching for myself. Music, photography, bikes, theater, art. All that stuff. 
But I always felt like .. nah, this is cool but .. not super cool.
My job was always geeky. I don’t develop there. I develop. Lol..

But then someday I met Ira, my wife, and we started talking about serious shits. We decided to leave Ukraine, go travel, explore the world. 
Then was Maidan. Hard time for our country. We were walking a lot in the city center, near protesters and militia, talking about what’s going on, what should we do. 
What’s gonna happen?
We weren’t afraid.
We didn’t know what to do.

After the end of Maidan, instead of celebrating victory things became even more complicated. You know .. Putin .. all that stuff.

We went to Norway, talked to trolls and asked to change our life.
In a month we were in Cali.

Yea, pretty cool weather and stuff. Squirrels. 
But wait where are all the cool dudes who should change the world and making it a better place? Hard to find them. We expected not exactly that, to be honest.. Ok, but that’s Valley, let’s move to SF.
Here we are in the city of dream, the hottest city in the world. And the coldest lol. Actually it’s good city, we love it, really. 
Here we are hanging out on Market street, here we are drinking coffee on fancy Valencia, Dolores park, here we are eating kesa in Los Koyotes. Here’s Embarcadero, Golden Gate.. Cool city.
But ok, where are cool people still?
Well, it took us times to start meeting them.
We used our unique approach to find them.
And it worked.
Stay tuned I’ll tell you later lol.

After all we found them not in SF. But in Oakland and Berkeley.
This is next level after SF. This is for chosen ones.
It’s called East Bay.
For those who understands.
For real guyz and chicks.
For burners.
For makers.
For activists.
For artists.
East Bay.

We met amazing people and made it to Burning Man this year. It was .. life changing experience, hard to describe it … like you were living one week in a completely different world. Or in the movie. Definitely outta Matrix..

Also in the summer we met our friend M, again. We knew here for about a year but now we met her again, or new her.
She asked if I could help with organizing event for her and I agreed.
I felt something will happen.
This time.

So I returned from Burning Man filled with energy and ideas. And decided to start working on M’s idea as hard as I can. And surprisingly I started to do it. 
We started to meet often and discuss her idea for the app, social service.
I always liked this idea but she never looked confident enough to really start working on it. Until now.

I was also not sure (chicken) to work on our own ideas with Ira.

But that was over.

Now or never.

So, guyz, stay tuned. Incredible stuff is goin’ on right now. No bullshit. I can’t believe my own eyes.

But it’s happening.

I am making REAL SHITS.

And it’s gonna blow.

Teaser. We are creating new economy. And we are creating new life. We are performing salvation of this planet. Somebody should do it. Otherwise things can go really bad.

Stay tuned.