Introducing Unlabelism

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Just googled, “Unlabelism” is not yet existing as a concept, so here we go.

Unlabelism is a concept, movement or religion declaring how an individuals perceive themselves, surrounding people and facts. The key point of Unlabelism is approaching maximum possible abstraction level in order to achieve the most unbiased, equitable and comprehensive awareness.

In other words, Unlabelism is an intention to remove the most labels from yourself, from what you do in your life and then from your network, country and the world.

Why?? Isn’t the stupidest idea you ever heard? Why would musician or celebrity remove labels, so that they become nobody, right? A carpenter without a label is no more carpenter, isn’t he. A cop, a president of USA?

Historically people tend to identify, classify and label in order to find friends, sexual and business partners, detect enemies, understand what is good or bad, truth or false. Now we see this approach is not working. The majority of people have depression, anxiety, don’t know whom to trust, have sexual issues, insufficient income, racism, they blame politicians etc. Most importantly, people from 1st world countries are overall unhappy, have no self-realization and don’t anticipate happiness in the near future.

How that has to do with labels

BTW tell me the label of Mark Zuckerberg please. Entrepreneur?

Mark Zuckerberg partying hard

Labels are inherent part of our life. Starting from birth, the name, skin color, citizenship are the first labels. Then social status, education, income class, occupation, music preference, sexual orientation etc etc etc. All that builds an image of us and through that image we perceive the world. Literally, it enslaves us; we don’t expect to change or remove any of our labels, at least before retirement lol.

Labels are how our friends know us, they shape our persona in community. They are the only way to be employed, to associate with some religion or political party. So, ok, why do we need to get rid of labels?

BTW tell me the label of Elon Musk please. Startupper?
Steve Jobs? Visionary?

Because labels limit our imagination. They slow our brains down because being focused on just a couple of label-based activities for years makes our brain inefficient, dumb if you want. They limit our choice: of work, sexual partner, art, views, desires, religion etc. They make potential changes in your life unlikely. E.g. if you are rocker unlikely you discover techno music soon. If you are straight unlikely you try gay. If you are sure Trump is the cause of your anxiety unlikely you start thinking the cause is just you etc.

How to blossom to Unlabelism

Start increasing the level of abstraction in your life. First, associate yourself with a bit more abstract labels.

If you are housewife, you are now a woman with some delegatable responsibilities.

If you are black you are now a POC (person of color) lol.

If you are carpenter, you are now a person who knows how to carpenter.

If you are nudist, you are now nudism lover.

If you are developer, you are now engineer.

If you are engineer, you are now a scientist.

If you are a scientist, you are now a magician lol.

If you are musician, you are now artist.

If you are artist, you are now a person whose life is art.

You probably know English — good sign to become unlabeled.

You are citizen of the world.

Jimetta Rose Smith

Next, think of possibilities, projects opening now. You definitely can and will do more cool stuff then now.

If you are 9 to 5 employee, become a freelancer.

If you are freelancer, become a startupper.

If you are startupper, become a startupper who brings value to the world, not focusing on money.

If you live in some country, become a digital nomad.

Do a trip around the world anyway.

Next, think what is needed further to become less labeled -> rethink possibilities -> repeat.

What else helps to become unlabeled and happy

Always introduce yourself with nickname, lol.

Become entrepreneur (quit the matrix lol).

Become your own brand (this is close to unlabeled).

Become giver (almost unlabeled state).

Make your life an art (99% the same as unlabeled).

Hope this makes sense.