No way back

by Stijn Dijkstra

Today I told my employer that my final day is July 7th. This concludes my 11 years in IT corporations. I don’t feel there is a way back, even though they didn’t want me to leave and for sure offered goodies. 11 years .. almost without pauses. Started in 2006 as absolute noob in IT and now senior software engineer with specialization in front-end.

Why am I leaving? By the way not only the top IT company, but also one of the best cities (really LOVE it)— San Francisco in a dreamlike Silicon Valley. Good and tough question I kept being asked all the time. Sorry, I have no logical answer for you. Yes I’m crazy. I guess millions dream to live like I live. So I’m opening the place for one more :)

OK, seriously I just feel what I do is wrong and that causes anxiety. Especially when I am full of ideas and have to return to my work place and help some corporation make more money. I hate myself sometimes for that. This is not my mission, now I have zero doubt in it. What I learned in 11 years is just a skill. I am not a developer. I am actually pretty bad developer. I still don’t know algorithms lol.

My mission is simple: use my vision and skills in order to change the world to better. I can’t do that at current job so why waste time postponing REAL life. Cool thing is that right now we have amazing possibilities to change our lives. Like digital nomadism for example.

We are talking about digital nomads and other nomads

Cheap flights and Couchsurfing simplify travel so there is no reason to be bound to a particular place / employer. Online education simplifies learning almost any skill (at least basics) so there is no reason to work only in a particular field. You can switch activities, depending on demand or just your mood. If you don’t want to deal with money at all, no problem, just join some eco village e.g. somewhere in South America, help to build it, eat the best food grown using permaculture and enjoy your life.

This guy did exactly this. I interviewed him

Or become an artist. Or actor.

Mike left his job, sold a house and became a sumo fighter. Now he is experiencing the crazy life of a Bollywood actor + commercials. Here is my movie about him

Right now is the most unique time in history. We are connected to the whole world and the world undergoes severe changes. It feels XXI century is finally starting. Will you keep sitting in 9–5 office? Will you keep fighting for a place in such office? Or maybe you will just wake up one day and say yourself — enough!

All you need is just to find your mission and work on it. There are enough challenges for all of us. I want to find you and work with you. I want to help you find yourself. I will support you. I am ready to serve YOU (like Jesus said), not some corporation. We all are connected and are a part of the same — humanity.

If you don’t know what to work on, here are public ideas that I am collecting

I am leaving my employer to join the ones outside of the Matrix. Yes, it’s a bit scary but there is no way back. I have no doubt in what I’m doing and in the success (which for now means I will never return to work on something I don’t love).

I’m not a developer. I’m just a human who want’s to turn everyday into art.