How to buy REALT tokens

We create a global Airbnb-style marketplace on cryptocurrency for everyone all over the world, targeting all countries on all continents.

Disrupting real estate market

We want to disrupt both Airbnb business model (by removing fees) and also the renting market itself by effectively enabling micro-payments for people in low cost countries (China, India, countries in Africa, etc.) who before couldn’t access Airbnb or similar websites due to lack of access to bank accounts & credit cards as well as high fees (relative to their wages). By using RLT tokens guests can access services without credit card or bank account, and hosts can set quite low prices (as there are no fees).

How to buy REALT tokens

From 7 September, you can buy RLT tokens by sending ETH, BTC and Litecoin to one of the below cryptocurrency addresses.

We recommend to send ETH because smart contract will automatically send RLT tokens in return and you can verify that they arrived to your wallet.

If you want to send ETH to buy RLT tokens, you need to do the following:

  1. Send ETH to a wallet compatible with Ethereum tokens (ERC-20 standard). For example,
  2. Send ETH from your Ethereum wallet to smart contract 0x27…..d41(exact address will be published at on 7 September 2017). DO NOT SEND ETH DIRECTLY TO US FROM CRYPTOCURRENCY EXCHANGES (SUCH AS COINBASE, POLONIEX, OR KRAKEN). USE YOUR PERSONAL ETH WALLET.
  3. Verify that you have received RTL tokens in your wallet. Click “Add Custom Token” in your wallet. Insert 0x27…..d41 (exact address will be published at on 7 September 2017) into contract address field, RLT in token symbol field, and 18 in decimals field.

If you do not have ETH, BTC or Litecoin, you can buy it on a cryptocurrency exchange. You can also buy ETH from MyEtherWallet (they have integration with Coinbase).

After you bought ETH on exchange, you need to send it from exchange to your personal Ethereum wallet (for example, you can use, and only then send ETH from your Ethereum wallet to REALT smart contract. You will automatically receive RLT tokens to your Ethereum wallet.

Alternatively, you can send BTC or Litecoin. In this case, you will need to provide us with your Ethereum wallet address. We will manually calculate how many RLT tokens you bought and send them to you.

  • BTC: 19…gs (exact address will be published at on 7 September 2017).
  • Litecoin: LT…hz (exact address will be published at on 7 September 2017).
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