REALT: How It All Began

We started Realt Ltd in June 2013 to invest in development of IT services for real estate market. We investigated technologies used to build large property listing portals as well as effective ways of marketing and search optimization, whilst also kept working on other projects.

One of other projects was a consulting job from Nordea, the largest financial group in Northern Europe. As most of technical leads and developers of the client are based in Poland, Kirill commutes from London to Poland in order to manage development on the client’s site.

Kirill needed to rent a place to stay during his visits to Poland, so he explored property websites and mobile apps with listings. This was especially interesting for him from a professional point of view as a co-founder of Realt Ltd.

He was surprised by relatively high rental costs displayed on online real estate portals. The investigation led to discovery of many charges (currency conversion fees, service charges, host service fees, guest service fees, etc.) that did not add any value to the transaction but increased the total price.

At that time, Oleg was already actively investigating blockchain, cryptocurrencies and Ethereum smart contracts, so when Kirill shared his rental experience, we realized that together we can solve this problem for many people all over the world.

Welcome to REALT, a global Airbnb-like marketplace on cryptocurrency and smart contracts, addressing $100 billion rental market.

Global REALT marketplace will include advertising services for all types of real estate, evolving to millions of for-sale and rental listings.

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