Real Talk Podcast Part III

Real Talk Podcast Part II received great amounts of praise as well as scrutiny. Some saw it as helpful message to learn from while others interpreted it as offensive and vulgar. Nonetheless, Isaiah and I were doing something right because people were taking time to listen and react. The day it dropped people were all over it. My phone started blowing up with people asking me to send the link to the podcast or questions regarding the topics Isaiah and I discussed in the podcast. When I went to school the next day, everyone was talking about Real Talk. The podcast Isaiah and I had put so much time and effort into was the buzz around my entire high school. However, news of our podcast reached the administration.

When I was called into the Dean’s office, I immediately knew that the administration had listened to the podcast. The Dean explained to me that the school received several complaints from students and teachers regarding Real Talk Podcast Part II and the only option I had was to take it down or the consequences would be worse. Therefore, we took it down. Real Talk Podcast Part II was no longer available to the public and what I had started died.

The summer going into my freshman year of college, Isaiah and I were chilling in the commons at the University of Richmond when he mentioned reviving Real Talk. However, I didn’t take him seriously. Yes, I wanted to make another podcast, but at the time I was focused on my transition into college. It wasn’t until after my first semester that I knew it was time to create Real Talk Podcast Part III.

The reason for my shift in attitude towards developing Real Talk Podcast Part III had to do with my new experiences. College has opened my eyes. Since the last podcast, I have changed dramatically and the lessons I have learned are something that I want to share with all of our listeners. At the end of the day, everyone needs to know the Major Keys and that’s what Isaiah and I are here for.

So enjoy….

Thanks for the listen,

Jalen Rushawn Fabien Shamel Maurice

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