It’s time to step up or shut up. And no one should remain silent.

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When white allies are asked to stop putting themselves, their feelings, and their experiences in the center of conversations about race, too often they respond with something along the lines of, “What, so you’re saying we shouldn’t do anything?”

Early on, it’s easy to believe discomfort is a sign that you are “in trouble” or someone else is wrong. As time passes, you will learn that discomfort is really a sign that reads, “Welcome to the thing you need to change. Here it is. You found it.”

“You’re saying we shouldn’t do ANYTHING?”

No, I’m not saying do nothing.

I’m saying white people must stop putting white feelings, white fears, and white perspective in the center of conversations about race. It’s telling that so many people hear “get out of the center” and interpret it as “get out of the conversation.” How many people interpret “It’s not about you” as “You’re not welcome here.” It’s telling about what we were raised to believe we were entitled to — not just an invitation to the meal but a seat at the head of the table. …


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