On Totally Freaking Out…

Jan 19, 2017 · 2 min read

My teaching philosophy is rooted in nurturing the innate talents of each individual student. Although this philosophy is backed by the most current, research based pedagogies, living it on a day to day basis in the era of normative testing presents a rather difficult challenge. A challenge only made greater by my habitually perfectionist ways.

By teaching young children, I have come to learn the importance of letting go of fear. I have learned that one of the most efficient methods for growth is being open to failure.

Through reflection, I came to realize my fears have been prohibiting my professional growth for quite some time. Although it’s scary, and I’m like totally freaking out, I have decided to let go of perfectionism.

Perhaps, I have totally lost my mind. Perhaps (and hopefully), I will soon come to find that waiting for perfection is a complete and utter waste of time. Perhaps, no one will ever even read the unpolished words what I wrote. I could go on perhaps-ing forever; but, in all of this, I am certain there is much to be learned.

Consciously publishing several incomplete and imperfect articles took every ounce of my being. Now that I’ve officially let go of my fears, I must admit, being open to imperfection feels incredibly freeing. Perhaps, some of my unpolished works might just resonate or inspire you. Perhaps, you should give conscious imperfection a try. Perhaps, you might take a gander at some of my unpolished work on… educational reform, early education, educational inequity, teacher voice, and/or the struggle.

Despite all the fear and the build up, it seems there are no dire consequences to releasing unedited content out into the interweb…weird. Just a few months ago, I was certain my fate depended on it. Now I know fear is just excuse wearing a spooky Halloween costume.

Wait a minute, am I speaking too soon?! Silencing fear isn’t easy.

Thankfully, publishing this, (comparatively) well groomed piece has brought me some peace of mind. (Well…at least since publishing my first collection of mismatched articles). Shout out to my homies Peg + Cat for reminding me how to keep it cool when I’m totally freaking out!

Coming soon: One on Mindfulness.

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