Your School Website Can Bring Multiple New Students

Yes. Your school site can attract hundreds of thousands of parents to trust you with their children. For the universities and colleges, your site can be the reason for aspirants’ choice!

Digital marketing is the way businesses are going, you shouldn’t lag behind the iron bars too.

Your school is too precious to be neglected by the host of parents/students wanting the best education.

You offer it. We agree with you.


Nobody get to know if you don’t tell the world. Marketing is the fulcrum of business success, no bluff.

I know it’s too obvious that you know it.

Of course, that’s why you churn out hundreds of banners, billboards, and posters to reach people.

In fact, you also run a lousy ads on the radio stations and TVs.

Hell, Yes…

You sense it too. Right from the start, I guess.

You knew those traditional means of marketing ain’t working. Well, maybe they do but not really fine.

The truth is, you can’t measure how well they have helped your school grow.

You don’t know who heard the ads, saw the banners or even read a letter from it!

Worst of, you don’t get the chance to reach people who don’t live in your city.

How can you go global that way?

To the plain fact, traditional marketing sucks! So what now?

You need a huge website, not by size.

You hire a competent web designer, and nail it down.

Flashy contents, sliders, pop ups and a bunch of boring pages about your school.

Knack! No one ever step into your online shop to see what you sell.

Well, it still serves a huge.

You now own a modern site to display your student results, resumption dates, time tables and blah others.

Score your Return-On-Investment (ROI), you are probably using one-third of it.

If you are satisfied, you don’t need to read the rest of this post.

Just click the back button or read some other post.

What if you want more from your School Website?

Then you should probably sit tight, and read to the end of this piece.

Because the rest of this post gives you actionable tips on how to turn your school website to a dramatically crowd-pulling camp where you convert visiting parents/prospects to big friends, family, fans and supporters of your school.

Compelling them to bring not only their kids, but all the kids in their neighbourhood.

Without further ado, let’s start with your first step:

Know Your Audience

You probably already know who they are?

For creches, primary and secondary schools, your students are under 18 years.

Certainly you have one audience you should care for.

Maybe you know them.

What are the signals you can use to get that straight?

  • They are the dependent group
  • They rarely surf the net for schools they should attend. (Maybe for other things they do, I don’t know.)
  • Even when they do, they are not the decision TAKER!

Hit: your audience should be the parents.

To niche it down, your buyers are stay-home-barefooted moms with chunk of house cleaning works that leave them with limited time to work the street to find your school banners or buildings.

They surf the net to see schools that understand what they want for their kids!

If you run a school that gives first degrees and diplomas, your audience are probably the the mix; parents and aspirants. The two are somewhat interdependent.

For instance, most of mate chose University of Ilorin because that’s where the calendar works best for our parents.

While, I choose the great institute because it’s where I love to study, no parent motives attached!

Now that you know your audience let move to your next move to secure them…

A Marketable School Site

You are probably not starting a website.

Neither should you plan to live on the WordPress sub-domains.

You are into branding something worth trusting and, of course, really remarkable and marketable.

Here it is:

You need a site that express exactly what you want to communicate to your audience, trust and credibility.

A clean design and layout are such huge steps to secure your seat.

For a list you need a site that:

  • load fast both on mobile and desktop
  • mobile friendly (most of your readers will use phone to find you!)
  • is irresistibly attractive
  • ensures readability
  • easily navigable
  • smooth to search engines to crawl (more on this below)

Most times, your current site can’t do that, you need an expert redesign to match your quest.

To avoid doubts, I give free assessment on school sites to help you kill the YES?NO worry.

If your site requires simple touches, I’ll give you a detailed how-to-steps email guide for free.

If it’s something big and tricky, I show you how big and ask you to take on my full web redesign services.

(No string attached, you may other fantastic guys out there. My assessment remains free.)

Content is King!

You’ve got a wonderful site. Nicely looking and friendly to users, now what?

Of course, once the palace is set we call in the king. Content is still king.

In fact, the only way your school site can mean something to users is through content.

Here, we aren’t talking about those frank pages you see on every school site (About Us, Mission Statement, and Admission page).

No doubt, you are needing those too.

However, they exist as figureheads or let’s call them some necessary evils.


We are all internet users. We are the ones that visit these sites.

What do we do when we meet frank pages on a site? I bet you’ll agree we punch the back button.

Your site readers are more like you. They also have the back button hale and active ready for its owner punches.

Even your About Us page must be something friendly as this post. Short sentences with white spaces.

Don’t be too formal.

Yet, remember you are a reliable educator. Be sound enough to convince professors into sending their kids to your school.

Apart the rudiments?

Hey.. Play it safe.

Your website may have this junk of formal letters (with brevity and friendliness, though!).

Have unique but rare pages like Our Staffs, Parent of the Week, What Page Are Saying, Picture Gallery, etc.

But have a BLOG section, where you can go a bit less formal!

What can you add to your blog?

Think of the marketing sites you’ve stumbled upon.

What of those top online business like Alexa, Amazon, and Go Daddy. They all have blogs they regularly update to feed their dream and existing buyers information they researched will be useful to them.

That doesn’t mean you should start posting about Shampoo for stay-home moms!

They already know where to get that, and it shouldn’t be your job to help them that way.

Think of those questions you will ask a school you like sending your kids.

Inquire from your teachers, those questions they frequently receive from new parents. List them.

Then start providing answers to them post by post on your school blog.

There are tons of potential parents who are asking the same question from Google. It’s your chance to hijack them.

If you are good at it, expect tons of parents to listen and wanting to send their kids to your school.

But that’s could not be all?

Yes, we have a few left to cover, read on.

The Loudest Parties

Now that your site is fully charged with what parents want to know, we need a lot of publicity stuns to let them know.

You site don’t auto-generate traffic, you work it out!

There are many ways you could go about that, which I am sharing the free sure ones with you.

Traditional Means

Use your banners, posters, and billboards to attract visitors to your site.

Make your school site url appear on every piece of your traditional marketing.

The more people see your site address around, the likelihood of checking it out..

When the reporters come around, remember to tell it to them.

Your school website address in a magazine can mean something, but it may not be that big if they don’t exist online.

Social Media

Leverage your school social media pages to share posts and pages from your site.

Twitter can be a serious source of traffic, if you know how to use it effectively.

Web apps such as Buffer, Mention, and help you use Social Media right.

Explore relevant education niche forums.

Join the conservation.

Refer people to answers you provide on your site to questions that ask in the forum.

Be resourceful, share posts from other people’s site (not your competitors, though!).

That way people find you resourceful and wanting to share yours with others too.

Unique Offers that exist nowhere else

Make a free offer that parents can only get through your site.

You might even lock contents with social locker, hence, you ask them to spread the news before they cash it out.

If your offer is worth dying for, you get tons of traffic and, of course, lots of prospects willing to drop their contact info to get it.

If you can get bunches such vital personal data as emails, it’s your school heyday.

You will be able to directly mail many parents remembering about your school and offers.

Throw a contest

A yearly essay contests can be a huge way to promote your site. Many top blogs share contests around the web.

However, If your school’s contest is not notice, reach out to webmasters that shares contest on their blog.

Acceptance by one is acceptance by all. Bloggers in that niche do much of copy and paste.

The good things is, it will incredibly increase your SEO juice — you get notice and ranked by Google.

Ease of use

Ensure you site is easier than any other traditional means for people to know about your school.

I encourage you create a mobile app for your site.

People spend more than 80% of their internet surfing time on apps they love.

I trust a few app developers that can help you do that right.

Personalised Access to Quick Information

Think of a portal where existing parents can access personalised information about your school.

In the registration form you can have boxes that verify the parent with a unique code given to the students.

Hence, you could know which student belongs to what parent.

Also, you could be able to distinguish what to send to which.

For instance, a parent that has kids in class 5 will likely be less concern about what’s happening in class 2, 3 or 4.

Such portal system will make parent love your school, and want to share it with friends.

Search Engine Optimization

You’ve see some great close-loop ways to make existing parent preach your school site to unaware others.

But you can do something yourself to attract tons of parents to your site.


Lift your school site to the first page of Google through organic searches.

(Or if you can afford it, Google Adword!)

If you have probably do things right with your web design, blog posts, and pages chances are you are already getting some free traffic from Search Engines (Google, Bing and the rest).


The first page of Google is where all the traffic lies for a good keyword.

There is where your seat should be to get ahead of the rat races.

If parents are searching for the “Most equipped school” and you possibly have two hectares libraries, laboratories, and Jet, no one really cares if you are somewhere on the 20th page of Google for the keyword.

Heck, you loose your own seat for a school less competent that ranks well on Google page.

Your best bet is to hire an expert at that, you can’t rank on the first page of Google for really good competitive KEYWORDS with guesses.

I have already given you some cool hedge already, share it with your teachers so you can collaboratively make them work. For the search engine optimisation, hire an expert.

Wait a Minute!

Timmy Brain is a professional web developer, search engine optimization guru, and digital marketer. He can help you implement all of the tips he shared in this piece.

Shoot your requests to his professional email info[at]timmybrain[dot]com, he replies within a day.

Best Success.