Is there any value in people who cannot write JavaScript?
Mandy Michael

Great article, lots to think about here. Many people, many influential techies, refer to CSS as “prettying things up.” That might actually be a spot-on assessment, but can we think about that for a minute in conjunction with the raw power of HTML?

  • It means people are going to stay on your site longer.
  • Clean design with HTML & CSS instills confidence in users.
  • HTML delivers messages. CSS doubles the impact of those messages. This is a one-two communication knockout punch.
  • CSS makes the web more accessible by enabling devs to customize word/character size, add stroke to letters for better readability, etc.

Many techies also publicy state how hard it is for them to learn CSS, big learning curve, etc. So why the disdain for the idea of CSS devs and why the non-existant career sub-field for CSS devs? Why the undervalue? How curious.

I’m biased. I have a like/hate relationship with JavaScript, but a love/love relationship with HTML/CSS.

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