From RealTract Co-Founder to RealTract Community

Dear RealTract Community,
My name is Rahul Mishra, co-founder and CTO of RealTract project. We would like to show our appreciation for the entire supporting community of RealTract for your companionship and support for us during the past time. Your companion is our motivation to push ourselves forward and bring RealTract to success.
According to our roadmap, RET will focus on long-term prospect in order to achieve our determined targets as stated in our whitepaper. We are now at the milestone of developing community, promoting and expanding the influence of the project to the cryptocurrency community and the business world. The critical factor to be achieved is for RealTract to be listed on big cryptocurrency exchanges.
Within the past months, we have gained substantial growth in the Korean cryptocurrency community. Thus, our human resources were allocated to focus on preparing for the upcoming breakthrough of RealTract, causing the recent absence of the admin team and news update. During the last few days, RealTract team have had meetings and collaboration with big Korean exchanges and captured their interest for this project. It is certain that we have plans for RET to enter the Korean cryptocurrency market and grow. That is a positive signal projecting the bright future of ReatTract, especially in this important 2018 milestone.
This letter is sent to the entire community as an early announcement and might be a prediction for a successful project. Once again, I would like to say thanks to the beloved RealTract community. If you have faith in RET, we promise not to disappoint you.
Best regard,
Rahul Mishra