RealTract Minigame- Meme, Sticker, GIFs about RET

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Jul 29 · 2 min read

Hello Realtractians!

This is a very special news for our dearest supporters who are into creating entertainment content on social media. RealTract team is organizing a minigame just for you!

Details about the event are as follows:

Content of our minigame

Making images, memes, stickers, GIFs about RealTract or RET. Participants should try their best to be creative. Winners will be elected through Facebook.


2019/07/29– 2019/08/07

Procedure and requirements

  • Posting original images, memes, stickers and GIFs about RealTract (RET) on your personal Facebook page with hashtags #RET #RealTract #Fanret
  • Send us an email via with the subject “Minigame”. Participants should include your: URL to personal Facebook page that posted the content, Telegram ID, your original works (images, memes, stickers, GIFs).
  • After the event has finished, we will finalize all participants and their works. Final winners will be ranked based on their points (like = 1 point, comment = 1 point, share = 2 points)


Winners will be awarded according to their final position.

1st: 200000 RET

2nd and 3rd: 150000 RET

4th-6th: 100000 RET

7th-10th: 50000 RET

An extra 100000 RET will be instantly rewarded for the first 3 participants to reach 200 comments AND 100 shares.


  • Themes or jokes about negative/sensitive subjects such as FUD, twisted facts, offensive behaviour towards individuals or organizations, racism are strictly prohibited.
  • Accounts used to participate in this minigame must be legitimate and has past activities/interactions.
  • RealTract team will do all the evaluation on participants and their submitted content manually. All forms of cheating such as fake likes, comments or shares will not be accepted. Admins are authorized to disqualify these suspicious participants.
  • A complete submission is required to have: personal Facebook page uploading, correct hashtags, mail sent to RealTract in instructed format.

We wish you all have a fun time join this minigame and earn valuable rewards. RealTract team appreciates your companionship and comprehension.

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