THE SECOND AIRDROP IS LIVE NOW! 250 million RET for only 2000 Korean members

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Sep 18, 2018 · 2 min read

Airdrop Announcement

We would like to announce that we are now open for registration for our Second Airdrop Campaign- only for Korean members. The campaign will begin on 18 Sep, 2018 and end when it reaches 2,000 Korean participants.

How to Join?

Initial requirement is that participants need to be Korean.

Click on the following link to complete the registration process and KYC:

In order to be eligible for this Airdrop program, you need to:

  1. Join our Korea Telegram Chat: and Kakaotalk Group:
  2. Provide your Korea identification documents (National ID, Driver’s license or Passport)
  3. Post a selfie picture of you
  4. Introduce us a Korean cryptocurrency group, community or an influencer

Airdrop program will be strictly monitored by our RealTract team. Under no circumstances will fraud be allowed.

RET token distribution

Korean participants who meet the mentioned requirements will receive 100,000 RET for this Airdrop Campaign. Token will be sent to your validated e-wallet after the Airdrop finished

RET’s exchanges available:

  • Idax

  • Mercatox

Important: Your registered email, telegram, twitter must be unique and your ETH wallet must be ERC20 compatible wallet, DO NOT USE EXCHANGE ADDRESS

Learn more about us:

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