The Third RealTract Airdrop has been finished

RealTract Network
Aug 1 · 2 min read

RealTract’s third Airdrop program has officially ended, including the reserved segment for Korean participants.

It has been phenomenal to receive more than 13,000 application forms, making this one of our most successful Airdrop events. Having witnessed the recent exponential growth from RET, we believe that you have been well-rewarded for supporting and accompanying RealTract.

However, during the application screening and result verification process, we have been able to identify a large number of violation acts, especially from participants in “Global” section, which fell into the following categories:

  • Cheating
  • Multiple account registration with the same IP address
  • Invalid (personal) information
  • Invalid information format

Due to the mentioned violation acts and the need to reallocate our human resources to complete the pivotal technological target of the project, we have decided to defer the RET token distribution for this Airdrop program for “Global” participants until we are able to successfully identify all eligible applications. Rescheduled time for RET token distribution for “Global” participants is estimated to take place in Q1/2020.

We will proceed to distribute RET token for participants belonging to “Korean” section within August, 2019. RET token will be automatically transferred to eligible wallets used to registered for the event. Please ensure that you check your wallet regularly and carefully.

Please be aware that:

  • All results from the participants for this event will be recorded and the rewards will be fully reserved. We do not and will not take away what you deserve. We do understand that these rewards are worth the support and companionship we have been receiving from the community since the beginning.
  • Every inappropriate message, comment and action with the purpose of criticizing RealTract team and causing FUD will not be accepted and will be penalized according to our standards.

RealTract team would like to thank everyone for supporting us from day one. Keep it up and we will triumph the future together.

    RealTract Network

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    RealTract.Network — The First Smart Contract 2.0 Platform In The World

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