Idea Validation of Tribe

On one sunny day the Tribe team set out on a brave and ambitious mission: to validate the idea that will shake the world.

Having identified our target demographic of young university students and the common social problem of loneliness and alienation we have selected 3 assumptions to test

  1. Are people willing to meet new people online?
  2. Are the members of our target demographics interested in dating or rather in making new friends?
  3. Would our subjects have trust in a newly met random person from the internet?

In the first experiment we got an astounding amount of positive answers, where 10 out of 11 people said to be OK, with meeting new people online. This is not so surprising as online dating and social apps are very commonly used. On the other hand, many of our interviewees have told us, that they still prefer meeting other people in person.

During the Second experiment we have also managed to get a majority of Yes answers. The main conclusion was that people are rather looking to make friendships first and not necessarily looking for potential partners.

The result of the third experiment is a little bit more complicated. We got six positive answers, one negative and 3 “it depends”. The moral of the interviews was that people would trust the other members more, provided some background checks were run.

Based on the experiments and the answers our Javelin board looks like this: