Why I’m Not Watching The Olympic Games
Crystal A. deGregory, PhD

“Perhaps it’s because I’m tired — tired of the love folk have for black bodies but not for black lives.”

I wish at some point that we have the ability to separate the two points of loving black bodies versus loving black lives. We should all be celebrating what these black athletes are doing in the Olympics and nothing more. These black athletes are doing something positive. Black people are celebrating their success. Not supporting a knucklehead thug in Milwaukee that had a stolen gun with hundreds of rounds of bullets, I mean for what? What’s the rioting for? Why aren’t you Miss Writer loving those who have great black bodies yet showing love for a simple thug?

Is that what you want us to do? Show love for the body of a thug?

As an African American even white folks I know are concerned about the constant effort to kill black people in this country but I even ask where is the outrage from this writer for the cops dodging bricks in Milwaukee? Where is the love for their lives? Their black and white lives?

Please separate these two issues. They are not connected. Give us all the break to be able to take a break and be wowed by the success of these black athletes and what they are doing in this round of the Olympics. Let us enjoy a few days of celebration before we have to review the fact that black people in Milwaukee are celebrating the life of a crooked thug.

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