3 Reasons You Should Consider Working and Living in Bangalore

A lot has been said about the economic growth and IT boom at Bangalore. The boom in the region earned the city the sobriquet of “Silicon Valley of India”. Bangalore is home to numerous IT companies — right from Google to Microsoft to TCS and Infosys. Needless to say that, jobseekers looking for jobs in Bangalore, especially in the domain of IT and computer science will find ample options.

However, there is much more to the city, than simply the IT sector. While it is definitely about the employment opportunities in Bangalore, there’s a long list of reasons, as to why should you consider working and living in the city. The paragraphs below highlight few reasons to consider Bangalore as your base. Here’s a look:

1. Hub of Startups and Entrepreneurship

According to a recent NASSCOM study, India has the fastest growing startup ecosystem in the world with more than 500 companies mushrooming every year. Bangalore is the hub of startup and needless to say that these startups have generated several jobs in Bangalore over the past few years. Organizations like Flipkart, Commonfloor and Coupon Dunia all operate from the city and account thousands of jobs in Bangalore.

2. Highly Cosmopolitan Culture

Bangalore is the only city in India that truly boasts of a diverse demography. The increase of IT professionals in the field from all across India followed by an increase in the expatriates and lent the city its multicultural hue. There are several expatriates in the city who come to seek employment opportunities in Bangalore. Apart from that, Bangalore is not only home to Kannadis, but also a large percentage of Tamils, Malayalis, North-Indians and Bengalis who often celebrate their festivities in the city with utmost fervor.

On the other hand, the city has the highest number of pubs in the country making it the Pub City of India. The culture of pub hopping is pretty common in the city and very popular among the young crowds of the city.

3. Pleasant Climate Round the Year

One of the best parts about Bangalore city is the weather. The city boasts of a pleasant weather round the year, while other metro cities try to escape either extreme heat, excess monsoon or severe winters. The utopian climate of the city makes it one of the best places to live and work.

So, if you are a jobseeker and looking for jobs in Bangalore, then it’s probably one of the best decisions. Whether its IT jobs in Bangalore or marketing jobs, you will find ample of them and make a great living in the city.

Author Bio: A digital media strategist and a content marketer, Sampurna is passionate about writing and blogging. Working as a full-time professional writer for more than five years now, she has been lending her expertise to the online world by penning articles and blog posts on jobs and careers, HR tips and the recruitment industry. She also enjoys reading and travelling

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