5 Tips for Attracting and Hiring the Right Talent for Your Startup

Today’s startups need the best possible talent on the planet. Great people are out there. It is up to the startup leadership to find them — or, to put it more clearly, to attract them. So, how do you do them? Reach out to job portals or recruitment software; prefer social recruiting or an employee referral program. Well, while you might have to resort to all four tools to tap the best talent, you need to keep in mind certain things before actually embarking on your journey of hiring and recruiting.

1. Know when it is the Right Time to Hire

One of the biggest mistakes that startups do is to hire employees when they actually might not need them. At a time when their income is still small or almost equivalent to zero, they get so focused on assigning every title to someone that they lose sight of the bigger picture: they still have to find a way to pay all those people. Such a move can have disastrous effects going forward; so much so that you might have to consider shutting it down. Therefore in order to avoid such mistakes always be careful about the right time to acquire talent for your startup.

2. Embrace Remote Workers

Whatever be your philosophy on remote work, you got to accept it as today’s way of work. If you want to hire the best talent, you can’t expect them to uproot, sell their apartment, move families and pets, and situate themselves into a new place. Great people can be found on every side of the world. So do not hesitate to hire remote workers. The important thing is to hire the best talent in order to get the work done — no matter where the person is located.

3. Find People Who work for Passion

Working for a startup company is quite different from working in a big multinational corporate. Employees in a startup must be prepared to work in an environment that is constantly changing and demanding. They should also be prepared to do work outside their job description. Some people will like the challenge, some people need a change and some will want to directly influence the company’s decisions. Whatever it is, you need to make it clear to candidates as to what you really want and what it really means to work for a startup.

4. Offer Great Opportunities Apart from Salary

A fat salary definitely means a lot. However, for a startup working across verticals is essential as one person ideally has to dawn different caps. The right kind of talent has the potential to look beyond just the salary package and they understand what all opportunities are awaiting them. As an employer, ensure that you are able to give your best while it comes to dealing with new hires. Things that can be included apart from the paycheck comprise projects to work on, liberty to work, style of leadership they will be working under and the overall culture of the company.

5. Offer a Good Working Environment

You are the owner, the founder of the startup, therefore, everything begins with you. Make sure that you are able to give a great atmosphere and good environment where not only your business thrives but your employees also enjoy working. If you are able to give great environment to your employees, they will be happy and will be able to perform more.

Getting the right kind of talent is, first of all, about being the right kind of company. If you have been able to succeed in the latter, you will be able to succeed in the former as well.

Author Bio: A post graduate in Literature from University of Delhi, Sampurna has been working as a full-time professional writer for more than five years now. She has been lending her expertise to the online world by penning articles and blog posts on jobs and careers, HR tips and the recruitment industry.