6 Best Tips to Use Instagram for Recruitment

By this time, we all are pretty much acquainted with the idea of social recruiting. There are ample social recruiting software that recruiters and employers make substantial use of. With the rising importance of successful and sustainable company culture and hiring the right people, employers and human resource professionals are turning to all kinds of social recruiting software and tools.

While sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter take away all the laurels in this domain, Instagram is the new social recruiting tool that employers are leveraging now.

You must be wondering how, basically a photo-sharing app can actually be related to the recruitment process. This photo-sharing app has already surpassed more than 400 million active users, and if as a recruiter you are not tapping the power of the same, you are definitely losing out on something valuable.

Who uses Instagram?

26% of all adults (mostly professionals)

54% of young adults aged between 18–30

Tips to use Instagram as a social recruiting tool

So, as an employer how do you go about leveraging the power of Instagram and recruit the very best talent for your team? The subsequent paragraphs provide an insight, as to how recruiters can leverage the power of the social recruiting tool in order to tap the best talent. Here’s a look:

#1. Build trust and your brand

Developing your brand and thereby earning the trust of millions of users is essentially the first step towards leveraging the power of Instagram. This social recruiting tool is one of the best ways to showcase the human side of your brand. It is also an effective way to build your trust towards your future employees. The more you work towards it, the more connected users will feel towards your company and brand.

You can use the platform to give a potential idea to users as to how your brand looks like and how does it feel to work for the company. You can do that by sharing photographs of your team working or celebrating an event at the organization and other such things.

While images and videos need not be of very high quality, at least make sure that they are original and authentic and they should capture company culture positively.

#2. Remember to use hashtags

Hashtags make a good presence in social media recruitment. They are present in all kinds of social recruiting tools. Therefore, as an employer, you must make use of the hashtags while recruiting via Instagram. Just like other social channels, use of hashtags on Instagram also ensures that the reach is further spread out and more number of candidates are tapped.

You can create brand specific hashtags to showcase your employer brand and utilize these across all social channels so that your content is easily found on the Internet.

Hashtags can also be used to search users with relevant experiences and interests, and connect with potential employees.

#3. Include links for more visibility

Links may not be the best option in the domain of Instagram, but still they can be used to a considerable extent. As an employer, do remember to share links on this social recruiting tool. These will help you to draw attention to any blog posts and job advertisements and thus tap a whole lot of potential candidates.

#4. Advertise jobs visually

While you do not want to bombard your future employees with a galore of jobs, you would definitely want them to be attracted to job offers as much as possible. For this reason, you may choose to advertise jobs with visual elements with important keywords and hashtags. The introduction of the visual element on Instagram will go a long way in attracting talent in a great way.

#5. Opt for quality over quantity

Even in times such as these, quality always matters over quantity. Do remember to opt for quality always over quantity. Keep posts simple and of high quality, that too with a clear focus and connection with your brand. Instead of bombarding users with dozens of poor quality updates, ensure that you offer them good quality content that will not only enhance your brand value, but also ensure that you attract a good lot of candidates for your organization.

#6. Try and tap passive talent

Tapping passive talent via social recruiting tools is one of the best possible options for employers recruiting via Instagram. You can seek out passive candidates by searching out relevant hashtags and finding users who have interest in the area you are hiring for. Once you have identified users who are potentially suited for a vacancy, you can then opt to connect with them.

Author Bio: A digital media strategist and a content marketer, Sampurna is passionate about writing and blogging. Working as a full-time professional writer for more than five years now, she has been lending her expertise to the online world by penning articles and blog posts on jobs and careers, HR tips and the recruitment industry. She also enjoys reading and travelling