A Career in Human Resources: A Quick Look

Human Resources Management is a process of recruiting, training, orienting and appraising employees of an organization. An HR manager deals with organizational structure, morals, motivations and overall employee engagement.

An HR manager is responsible for conducting interviews, selecting candidates, helping managers to train them, scheduling meetings, preparing salaries and incentives etc. If you are a people person and good at interacting with others, a career in HR can be very fruitful for you.

While MBA in HR is one of the best possible options, HR certification courses are also available and can be done in order to pursue a good career in human resource management (HRM).

Job Responsibilities of an HR Manager

With an increased use of technology in the domain of recruitment, the job responsibilities of an HR manager have undergone several changes. It has become more technology driven with new changes such as robotics process automation and machine learning.

An HR manager has to handle all aspects pertaining to human resources in the company. These include recruiting, training, team building, performance updates, employee policy, salary, benefits and increments, employee health and safety as well as staff amenities.

The manager is also responsible for mobilizing the workforce towards the company’s accomplishment plans and objectives, by creating a work environment in which people will be motivated, contributing, and happy. His/her role varies as per the organization. In a small company, s/he is required to handle all human resources issues, while in a large organization with an HR department; the manager is allocated only certain responsibilities.

Career Options in Human Resource Management

Whether you pursue an MBA or opt for HR certification courses, both offer good opportunities in terms of a profession for HR. There are a number of jobs spanning across various industries for professionals willing to make a mark in the field. There are a number of high-paying jobs that applicants can choose to opt for.

However, these days being a HR professional is not just limited to carrying on with the recruitment process and ensuring hiring candidates but also ensuring overall organizational development.

Today, different and new roles in the HR domain has come up and it is predicted that with the passage of time, more new roles pertaining to the development of HR is bound to appear.

Pay Packages

Whether you have completed a HR certification course or have proper MBA in HR, pay packages vary from company to company and of course professional experience. While a fresher can earn anywhere between INR 2lpa to 3lpa, an experienced professional can end up earning 25 lpa to 30 lpa with the passage of time.

Those who are willing to take things ahead and make a mark for themselves in the domain of HR, they can do so by either pursuing HR certification courses or post graduate in HR or even Social Work.