Jobs One can get with A Degree in Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineers can choose from multiple career options; some can even choose to go off the beaten track. So what are the various career options for electrical engineers? Read on to know more.


Electrical engineering in India has multiple opportunities when it comes to employment. From cars to e-readers, electrical engineers are behind countless everyday products. Electrical engineers can find ample job opportunities spanning across various cities and sectors.

If you are looking for an electrical engineering job in Delhi/NCR, you will be floored with a galore of options as several manufacturing hubs are located in the region. Similarly, if you are searching for electrical engineering jobs in Mumbai, chances are that you would definitely land up with the desired job.

While careers in consulting are the most widely available jobs for electrical engineers, professionals can explore a few other options as well. The subsequent paragraphs explore some of the job profiles ideal for electrical engineers. Here’s a look:

Ø Consultancy Firms

Many electrical engineers work for consulting firms or independent companies that give advice to businesses on how to improve their operations. Engineers can work as consultants and come up with a whole lot of suggestions in terms of improving business. While working as a consultant, engineers can work in close collaboration with research institutes and defence services of a country. This field has a lot of potential to grow in the near future and such professionals are some of the highest paid.

Ø Power and Energy Sector

The power and energy sector is yet another potential employer for electrical engineers. In these domain, they develop power systems to generate and transmit electricity via wind, solar or fossil-fuel plants, or they design better batteries for military equipment or hybrid cars. They are also responsible for designing electric motors, relays and transmission lines. This is a potent sector for employment of electrical engineers.

Ø Telecommunications and Instrumentation

Electrical engineers can also seek employment in the telecommunications and instrumentation segment. Here electrical engineers can be employed in factories that are instrumental in producing electro-medical and control instruments. Electronics engineers also create devices such as GPS or navigation aids, failure-detection tools, communications-related electronics and other controls for cars, airplanes, spacecraft and ships. For pilots or drivers in training, electrical engineers design simulators. Some electrical engineers develop health instruments, such as pacemakers and imaging machines.

Ø Technical Writing

Electrical engineers can also opt for the job of a technical writing these days. A comparatively new age job, technical writing has its own challenges and also offers good pay package. Technical writers prepare instruction manuals, journal articles and other technical documents in order to communicate complex and technical information more easily. They also gather, develop and disseminate technical information among customers, designers, and manufacturers.

The best candidates for these kind of roles happen to be engineers who have a great flair for writing. These days technical writers are highly in demand and can quote good remunerations.

Ø Research and Development

The scope to get into higher studies, and then to research and development is always there. Candidates who have a flair for scientific research and inventions, should opt for research and development in the field. Once the individual has stepped into this field, career opportunities are immense.

Ø Teaching

Teaching in engineering colleges always remain an option for those who enjoy freedom of speech. However, to get into this field one requires to have a higher degree than graduation. A masters’ degree is a favourable option while candidates with a PhD happen to the best ones for taking up teaching jobs.

The Last Words

Apart from the abovementioned profiles, electrical engineers can also opt for jobs in sales and marketing, project management and some can even end up becoming entrepreneurs in their own right. However, understand that you should not take up any job just because you want to do a job. Do put in some research and do your groundwork well before making a final decision.