Mumbai: The Land of Jobseekers

Mumbai, also known as the commercial capital of the country is one of the most sought after cities for jobseekers. Jobseekers from across the country flock to the city in search of jobs. The city is often termed as the City of Dreams where every individual plans make their dreams come true.

Since Mumbai is known as the commercial capital of the country, it is one of the best places to work for. It is also the city preferred by most single professionals. Needless to say there are several jobs in Mumbai spanning across various industries. People coming from various backgrounds can choose to find different jobs suiting their profiles.

Let’s take a look at some of the top industries in Mumbai where one can find jobs.

  1. Banking and Financial Services

Since Mumbai is the commercial capital of the country, banking and financial services are the best domain to find jobs in Mumbai. Those who are looking for such jobs, will be floored with several options. Right from the State Bank of India to Bank of Baroda, and private banks like ICICI and HDFC all have their headquarters in the city. Needless to say that these are some of the lucrative employers for jobseekers.

2. Information Technology (IT/ITeS) Sector

On the other hand, while Bangalore continues to be the IT hub of the country, Mumbai is not far behind. The IT/ITeS hub of the city is equally potent in offering employment opportunities to millions of jobseekers. Several IT companies like TCS, Accenture, Reliance — all operate from this city and thus turn out to be potential employers. Needless to say that these organizations are also offer good pay packages to the employees. Those who are looking for some substantial good jobs in the IT/ITeS sector, Mumbai has some great opportunities.

3. Media and Entertainment

Just as Mumbai is the hub of business and commerce in the country, it is also the hub of entertainment owing to the presence of the film industry. And the media industry is also very strong in the city and offers ample employment options. There several media houses, newspapers and television channels headquartered in Mumbai. These include Times Now, CNBC, Bloomberg and many more. Other include newspapers like Times of India and many more. Most of these media houses are always on a lookout for new talent and thus opening up opportunities for millions of jobseekers.

4. Sales, Marketing and Finance

Sales, marketing and finance are another set of segments where one can find ample jobs in Mumbai. Thousands of companies like Godrej, Reliance, Tata Services, Tata Chemicals all operate base from this city and do require sales and marketing professionals. Therefore, it again goes without saying that jobseekers do have good opportunities in terms of employment and employers in terms of talent acquisition.

From the above information it can be deduced that Mumbai continues to remain one of the best cities for job seeking in India and job seekers who are looking for a jobs, may shift focus to Mumbai.

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