Talent Acquisition Trends that will Dominate 2017

We have already ventured into the New Year with new promises and new ideas to embrace and implement. The domain of hiring, recruitment and talent acquisition is no exception. It has already undergone several changes since the intervention of technology and analytics. Every year, new predictions come out in terms of talent acquisition strategies.

Needless to say that 2017, also has certain predictions and this year, talent acquisition strategies are all set to define them in certain ways. Let’s focus on some of the recruitment strategies that are going to be visible in 2017. Here’s a look:

#1. Employer branding will continue to remain a top priority

In 2017, the aspect of employer branding will continue to remain a top priority. Employer branding will remain a top priority as it will remain a top notch for attracting top talent. Just as companies scout for great talent, similarly, candidates also want to work for companies that are ready to offer them something more other than simple a month-end salary.

To build a strong employer brand, you need to define your company culture first. Company core values will be translated into activities including recruiting practices to hire the best culture fitting candidates for your organization. Organizational mission will be the differentiator in the near future followed by core values.

#2. Employee referrals will become more prominent

Another dominant trend among all talent acquisition strategies will be the focus on employee referral program. Although employee referrals remain the top source of quality hire rated by recruiters, companies allocate only 9 percent of their recruiting budgets for employee referral programs. Most recruiting expenses lie on such traditional channels as job boards (30%) and staffing agencies (22%).

Results from every source says that employee referral is one of the best forms of talent acquisition strategies. Companies should try and make the most of it and ensure that they are able to tap the best possible candidates.

However, in order to leverage the power of referral programs, one needs a sound engaged workforce. And to develop a sound engaged workforce, one has to provide good employee recognition programs. Only when an employee feels valued and recognized, only then they will be able to refer their friends and acquaintances.

Researches have also proven that, referred employees turn out to be better and end up performing better than others. So, companies should always ensure that they are being able to leverage the power of employee referrals considerably.

#3. Recruiting automation is on the rise

Automation and analytics have already forayed into the domain of human resources and has redefined the overall process of talent acquisition strategies. Automation and analytics such as Big Data, robotics process automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence has been reshaping the way recruitment is being carried out. Data-driven recruitment is probably one of the best things that have happened to the world of recruitment. This is because, algorithms and analytics can bring in some of the best possible candidates. One of the biggest benefits of automation would be that, it will minimize the human bias that comes forth in the candidate selection process.

However, one needs to understand, that no matter how much Big Data comes into recruitment, it is not possible to completely get away from the human touch. Come what may, the human touch would always be there while it comes to hiring a job candidate.

#4. Diversity hiring will continue to be in focus worldwide

Another important talent acquisition strategy that will be in focus during 2017 is the craze of diversity hiring in corporates across the globe. Most organizations across the globe will be up for diversity hiring — that is hiring job candidates from all walks of life, class, creed and colour.

According to LinkedIn Report, 37 % HR leaders share the ideas that hiring for more diversity will shape the recruiting industry in the next few years.

This trend has become recruiting strategies of a lot of big companies, including renowned names in technology, energy, construction, hospitality, and so on around the global. They not only increase diversity in their workforce in their projects or branches but also head offices.

Researches have revealed that companies and HR leaders have been putting in a lot of effort in focusing on the aspect of diversity hiring. This is because, both the parties — that is employers and employees both will benefit largely from the diversity quotient. Employees can learn from each other’s mutual development, while the company enjoys outstanding revenue that high productive diverse workforce brings. There has been a surge of anonymous hiring in many international companies as one of the best recruiting practices for diversity in recent years.

#5. The talent war is all set to become more severe in the coming year

Businesses across sectors have been experiencing a difficult time of global economic frustration due to low oil prices. You might remember that oil prices crashed to below $27 a barrel in the first quarter of 2016, the lowest level since 2003, then bounced back to around $50 a barrel in late November. Needless to say that these will have an impact on the overall recruitment industry globally.

Sales, engineering, operations, and IT infrastructure are the highest in demand in 2017, according to recruiting and staffing professionals. The overall recruitment scenario is all set to receive a good boost in 2017 and open up a plethora of opportunities for jobseekers across the globe.

As for recruiters, you have to understand and probably walk a mile in the candidate’s shoes and realize as to why do they want the job. It’s time that recruiters begin to consider future job candidates and employees as their customers and treat them accordingly.

In this year, recruitment is all set to witness a new wave of new aspects. As time progresses, analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning is all set to redefine the overall process of recruitment and talent acquisition. New-age inventions and technology is all set to give a completely new dimension to hiring and recruitment. The above-mentioned strategies are definitely going to have some positive impact on the overall process of talent acquisition.

Author Bio: A post graduate in Literature from University of Delhi, Sampurna has been working as a full-time professional writer for more than five years now. She has been lending her expertise to the online world by penning articles and blog posts on jobs and careers, HR tips and the recruitment industry.

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