Top 3 Benefits of Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) Technology

The domain of human resources has evolved drastically over the past two decades and with the foraying in of technology, it has been reshaped considerably. In this post, let’s focus on one of the many components that comprise present day HR domain — that is Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) Technology.

Needless to say that the HRIS technology is of immense importance in the domain and has helped organization deal with HR issues to a great extent. It can actually be so much more than simply filling cabins. Organizations can derive immense benefit from HRIS technologies.

Some of the major benefits of HRIS technology are explained below:

#1. Eases the tedium of paperwork

One of the first major benefits of the HRIS technology is the fact that it eases the tedium of paperwork, that an organization has to carry out when they get new hires on board.

With the proper paperwork and gatekeeping features, an HRIS technology can actually improve governmental compliance, ensure better oversight by management, come up with superior customer service, and thereby, ultimately improve the overall bottom line. All of these benefits are available while the organization is relieved of the tedious and time-consuming paperwork.

#2. Ensures greater compliance

The next big advantage of the implementation of HRIS technology is that it ensures greater compliance. All kinds of paperwork involved in the organizational process, are considerably reduced once, the HRIS technology is implemented in the organizational procedure. At the beginning of a new employee’s tenure with the company, one has to fill up certain forms in order to comply with legal requirements. And throughout their tenure, certain paperwork must be kept current. A HRIS technology is an ideal tool in order to track this kind of a requirement and also ensuring that the paperwork is all complete.

#3. Allows better oversight

Implementation of HRIS technology in the domain of HR, organizations can ensure several benefits. One of the final benefits of HRIS technology is the fact that it allows better oversight about all kinds of jobs related to HR services in an organization.

A well-designed HRIS can act as a proactive monitor in terms of compliance with routine company ‘paperwork’ policy while requiring the upper management to only deal with cases that are extreme in nature. In addition, regular reports can be produced showing overall compliance. It also lists any irregularities and allows upper management to deal with them in an efficient and effective manner.

HRIS technology, is an important element is today’s HR world and organizations must try to leverage the power of the same, by proper implementation of the technology.

Author Bio: A post graduate in Literature from University of Delhi, Sampurna has been working as a full-time professional writer for more than six years now. She has been lending her expertise to the online world by penning articles and blog posts on jobs and careers, HR tips and the recruitment industry.