Many people believe that ICO’s are slowly dying in 2018 because of the negative press permeating the crypto blogs and financial news sites. In case you haven’t heard, it’s a tough world for writers and bloggers and if you don’t have something sensational to write about you might have to find a new skill set; because it gets tough to get enough clicks for your articles if you aren’t screaming for attention and being provocative–hence all the doom and gloom articles floating around. …

The past few years have seen unprecedented growth in the cryptocurrency markets. Bitcoin was worth a measly $12 and nobody heard of an Initial Coin Offering. Now Bitcoin has come, and for all intensive purposes, passed. Just like all technology, a newer, sexier version comes along that garners everyone’s attention and interest. 2019 is the year of the Security Token and here’s why. Below are 5-reasons why Security Tokens are the future and are here to stay:

  1. Wall Street insiders are placing big bets:

Wall Street cannot get enough of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology companies into their portfolios. Bankers like…

RealtyReturns Security “Returns Token” — Backed by Income Producing Properties

Initial coin offerings (ICO’s) in 2017 and 2018 saw a surge of unprecedented proportions we have not seen since the rise of cryptocurrency in 2012. Just like any technology, a new and improved model inevitably comes out that replaces the older, outdated model. We are seeing the same trend now in the crypto world. The new and improved ICO? Security Token Offerings.

There’s no way sugar coat this, but ICO’s are on the decline. In August of 2018, cryptocurrency and blockchain startups raised a mere $326 million. …

Real Estate is all around us and is full of untapped potential. The Duplex you live in or that apartment complex you drive by everyday on your way to work. Ever wondered ‘I wonder who owns that complex, they must be rich.’ Now imagine for a moment that those everyday properties, like that apartment complex could be tokenized into a digital asset that you could buy and become a partial owner of.

Maybe it’s difficult for you to see yourself as an owner of that complex. Maybe you think it’s impossible because of personal financial restrictions, lack of real estate…

St. Regis Aspen Resort, Aspen Colorado

San Francisco Blockchain Week 2018 — Standing on the main stage alongside Indiegogo founder Slava Rubin, President of asset management company Elevated Returns, Stephane De Baets made a stunning announcement in front of a conference hall packed full of blockchain and cryptocurrency insiders:

“Today we just heard great news. We actually closed a security token offering. If you look at the name, Elevated Returns, and ‘Aspen Coin’, we actually closed $18,000,000 in capital to purchase a fragmented equity stake in the St. Regis Aspen Resort.”

The financial world has been waiting for this news since early August, when the plan…

Right now you might be thinking of the answer to the question, you might even be running some numbers in your head, or maybe your intuition provided the answer for you. Either way, you probably already have the answer, or at least think you do. Let me re-frame the question further:

Which investment has provided the greatest return since 1870?

A) Equities
B) Treasury Bills
C) Bonds
D) Housing

If you believe the answer is obvious you might be in for a surprise, while it may be easy to eliminate a few off of the list immediately, chance are you…

Massive Crypto Volatility Triggers Fear and Anxiety for Investors

Are cryptocurrencies sinking into a deep dark abyss with no hope of resurfacing?

Cryptocurrencies have suffered massive losses of over 640 billion in 2018 leaving many investors anxious about what the future holds for cryptocurrencies.

“It just shows what a massive, speculative bubble the whole crypto thing was — as many of us at the time warned,” said Neil Wilson, chief market analyst in London for, a foreign-exchange trading platform. “It’s a very likely a winner takes all market — Bitcoin currently most likely.”

Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum…

International real estate investors continue to invest their money in the U.S real estate market. Global investors want to put their money in commercial investments in countries that they can rely upon the most, and the U.S market continues to be the most predictable market in the world.

Experts agree that the U.S is the most popular destination for International real estate investment because it offers the best combination of principal protection and capital appreciation in the near future. Here are the key factors influencing that decision process:

Relative political and economic stability
Strong market fundamentals
Access to capital

It’s no secret that buying a home has become extremely challenging in the current market environment. You might find that perfect home that checks all of the boxes only to find that there is already one offer on the table, with more coming in later in the day. This generally exciting experience is leaving buyers frustrated and overwhelmed.

Sellers, on the other hand, are temporarily happy about it until they find themselves on the opposite side of the table with the buyers–only to lose what they gained. …

Cross-border real estate transactions are about to get much easier thanks to the advancement in blockchain technology and the rise of security tokens. Real estate Blockchain company is the first cross-border blockchain-based real estate marketplace to offer access to prime U.S. real estate assets. Through this blockchain technology investors will gain access to real estate opportunities in the U.S. through their online portal.

Silicon Valley angel investor and founder of RealtyReturns Manny Fernandez and his team are on a mission. He co-founded a blockchain company to help investors around the world escape the volatile crypto markets and find safety…

Cross-Border Blockchain-based Real Estate Marketplace.

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