Online Real estate Assistance in Hyderabad.

Realty Shield is the first online real estate assistance organization in Hyderabad. Realty Shield operating with a group of SME’s (Subject Matter Experts). Who can solve the toughest problems in Real Estate. Our aim is to provide the service trust and transparency.

Realty shield provides best property management services in Hyderabad and Telangana. It shows the complete solutions for all your real estate requirements like

· Realty Shielding

Thorough Document verification. Physical Monitoring of Property. Pics/Video/Geo-Tag of your property.

· Realty Authentication

One time inspection of property Documents & Physical Survey of Property. Pics/Video/Geo-Tag of your property.

· Realty Buying Assistance

End to end buying Assistance. Team of Lawyers to assist you. Document Inspection and Physical verification of Property.

· Realty Selling Assistance

End to end Selling Assistance. Team of Lawyers assists you. Document Drafting and Inspection. Physical Presence during transaction to give effect to the sale

· Realty Customized Services

Above services can be customized to suit your requirement. Ecs, Pattedar Pass Book, Title deeds, Final Layout Certificate, Land Documents, Change of Land Usage and any Property related issue –we deal in all of them.