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The New Year is approaching and It is the great way to set your life goals and making your goals achieved. Do not mislead by the title of this article, I am not gonna talk about resolutions that you will make, cuz everybody has different goals according to their life and passion , I will talk about on how to stick with your resolution, That is right, the daily routine that will indulge you in your to-do’s.

First of all, grab a seat, a marker and note down the changes you want to make in your life in the new year. Then just follow the daily routine, consistency is the key to hold up any aim high. …

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I was at a restaurant and I saw this couple in the corner, They were on a date and both just keep checking their phones for text messages, facebook, and emails. Are we living in a world where people find pleasures in gadget instead of other people? People are meant to be loved and things are meant to be used but we are using people and loving things.

We have this gadget that can change our life, technology has changed our perception towards the world. We can use it to make the world a better place but some people are addicted to it. A 16 years old girl can send 12ooo texts messages and 16ooo snaps every month to the people she barely knows and a 40 years old man check his social media while his wife cooks dinner for him. …

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Start it and stick with it; change the world- Steve Jobs

I was 21 when I moved to New York City to study Computer Science and live my dream. This month it’s been two years since I left my hometown — Time Flies!! My dream was to build a startup and dream project that I have been thinking of starting since the last couple of years. We have lots of happy clients and planning to launch new products in the upcoming future.

You don’t have to be from a technical background or you don’t have to know how to code, You just need to learn it. As of myself, went to college for pharmacy, most of the founders of “giant tech” like Apple, Microsoft, IBM, Amazon are engineers. Every company has the story that is failure story, the tribulations, the distress, the demotivation. …


Viraj Upadhyay

UI/UX Designer

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