Information science explains psychology

(The following insight has helped me balance my physical needs against my psychological and even spiritual ones; it may help you.)

Humankind in the days of the Garden, or the Savannah, could rely on Nature to provide one consistent response: pursuing short-term appetites (like food, touch…

Accelerating “yogic” transformations via biophysics, by William Softky

Yes, the world seems less trustworthy every day. Politics is corrupted, science is corrupted, the law is corrupted, et cetera. Worst of all, education and the news are corrupted, so we can’t even know what’s true. It’s like John Wanamaker said a…

“You’re such a pinger!” said Miss Listen scoldingly. “Always interrupting and talking too much.”

“That I am,” admitted Mr. Ping. “As you are silent. I always tell you you should speak up for yourself.”

“And I do try, but you” —

“I do tell you that.”

She paused, and looked, and sighed.

Organic Bandwidth

A humanist and a scientist explain digital maladies and the curative powers of real life.

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