Instant Photography — What’s so special?

Scientist and inventor Edwin Land was on holiday when he decided to snap a photograph of his three-year-old daughter. Land’s daughter asked why she couldn’t see the photo right away. Having a loss of words for the reason, Land set out to create a system that could accomplish the task.

I run an Instant Photography Instagram called Zackattack.polaroid and what has started as a hobby has happily turned into an opportunity to communicate with a large audience while also opening up freelance opportunities. For those who are old enough to remember when instant film was popular, there is something special about the unique sound the camera makes when developing, the smell (yes, there is a smell), and the distant memory of shaking one of those little squares while anxiously waiting for the development process to conclude (NOTE: Do not shake it like a Polaroid picture).

Enjoy the infographic :)


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