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We are one of the major makers and distributor of Aluminium foil containers. Our aluminum foil containers are perfect for take away and delivery mealtimes. Here you will invention all of our foil Container price listed. If you have any queries or need help for ordering call us I will suggest you best. More info visit our in website :

Disposable Aluminum Pans


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Founded in 2013, Reance International Co., Ltd is a company specialized in aluminum based materials. With more than 10 years experience in aluminum industry, we’ve offered our clients from all over the world with best aluminum foil containers & tray products & solutions from China.

Aluminum Pans With Lids


We have written a blog about foil pot before. This time, let us talk about it once again from another different angle.

The first thing, please enjoy the short video with us.

Do you discover that there are a wide range of size in the video?

For containers including the pots, we describe and inquiry them about their sizes(top out, height, base, capacity).

In fact, we put great emphasis on depth instead of length and width. Some customers who run catering always choose deeper pots, they can pack hot pot within various kinds of vegetables and meat.

Pickled fish and grilled fish are also the hot dishes in famliy gathering, so aluminum disposable pots are the besy choice to pack them.

After getting the takeaway, you will find surprisly that the food in the foil pot is still hot. Even if you want boil and add some food into it, it is ok to be heated.

Here is a catalogue about aluminum foil pot with hot, classic and new style.

Disposable Aluminum Foil Container

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