Departing Northern California

North Concord/Martinez BART Station

Northern California freeway traffic this morning: 100+ miles in ~2 hours. Maybe next time I’ll take Amtrak to BART. The area wildfires made the ghost fleet in Benicia into pale grey silhouettes. The 108F forecast high for the central valley can’t be helping the air quality either.

This platform is mostly empty but the train was standing room only before we passed through Orinda then mostly empty again by Powell.

BART art in Oakland
Foggy Daly City. That’s not a filter — the window is just dirty.
SFO BART Station

And finally the BART station in SFO. Really nice that it gets you right to the international terminal. The security lines got long after I got in line. This time I remembered to leave at home the 6" box cutter and x-acto knife and kid scissors I normally carry in my work bag. Not that the TSA noticed either way.

Lufthansa has an 8kg restriction on carry on bags. There were agents walking around with digital handheld scales. Mine was overweight so they checked it at the gate. I never check a bag. No charge but now I’ll wait for a bag on the other end.

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